Delete Twitter Tweets

Do you Want to Delete Twitter Tweets in Bulk?

Well, it’s not easy if you’re trying to do it directly through Twitter.

Yes, Twitter enables you to delete tweets separately but it may take hours if you’re willing to delete hundreds of tweets on a particular topic.

It usually happens that our thoughts change after a certain period of time.

And usually, we take a 360 degree turn when we realize that our previous concepts were wrong.

And there is nothing wrong with changing your concepts if you’re figured out the facts about a particular thing or situation.

But the problem is that our Tweets keep haunting us for years and our haters take advantage of these tweets to defame us.

Based on our experience, it’s important to delete Twitter Tweets that go against your recent concepts.

Even if someone took a screenshot of your previous tweet, they won’t be able to use it as evidence because you can clearly say that you’ve changed your thoughts.

But if the tweets are still there on your account, you won’t be able to deny the fact that you still have these thoughts or not.

We understand the fact that it can be difficult to Delete Twitter Tweets in Bulk.

That’s why a vast majority of people often avoid deleting these tweets.

In fact, most of them don’t even know how to access old tweets.

We’ll first describe the method of deleting tweets directly through Twitter and then we’ll talk about tools you can use in this regard.

Twitter Advanced Search

This information will help you if you aren’t familiar with how to access old tweets from your account.

You need to enter the keywords in the Twitter advanced search and then insert your Twitter handle and then select the time when the tweets were published.

Even if a few years have passed, you must have some idea of when those tweets were published.

Selecting a particular duration makes it easy for you to identify the tweets you’re willing to delete.

Once you’ve pressed the search button, you’d see a number of tweets on your screen with the keywords you included in the search.

Now, you can start deleting these tweets one by one.

Delete Twitter Tweets with Advanced Tools

As we’ve mentioned, you can also Delete Twitter Tweets using advanced tools if you want to delete tweets in bulk.

There are a number of tools that come with some unique features.

These tools reduce the burden from your shoulders allowing you to remove the traces within a few minutes.

The process of searching for tweets is almost similar to the Twitter advanced search.

However, the benefit of these tools is that you can select the tweets and then click the delete button to delete those tweets at once.

You can even delete your Twitter likes using these tools but that’s a totally different story.

And we’ll talk about it in our future posts.

However currently, you can rest assured that there are tools that will help with getting the job done instantly.

So, take advantage of these tools and delete the unnecessary tweets from your Twitter account as soon as possible.