Frequently Asked Questions

Kizzu lang:en – will find all tweets mentioning “Kizzu” in English only

Hint: don’t worry if you don’t know all the language abbreviations as you can enter the full country into the setup dashboard and Twilert will find it for you

The Twilert ‘filter by location’ tool allows you to type in a City, Country, Street name, venue or place name and search for tweets sent only within that specific area. You can also manually circle the area you want to cover using your cursor, for searches that are less specific. For more information on geolocation targeting, please read our full post on the subject:

To exclude a particular user just add -from: in front of the handle name. For example; @Mayoroflondon -from:@tflofficial – will find tweets including “@mayoroflondon” but excluding tweets sent from @tflofficial

You can exclude links from your results by adding exclude:links to your search query

You can exclude retweets by adding -RT to the end of your search

Hilton -Paris – will find tweets containing “Hilton” but not “Paris”

twittertips – will return tweets containing the hashtag “#twittertips”

twips OR #twittertips – will return tweets containing either “twips” OR “twittertips”

twips #twittertips – will return all tweets containing “#twips” AND “#twittertips”

Twilert help page – will return all tweets containing “Twilert”, “help” and “page” in any order

“Twilert help page” – will include tweets containing the exact phrase in the same order: “Twilert help page”

Kizzu OR Kizzuapps – will return tweets including either “Kizzu” or “Kizzuapps”

from:twilert – will return all tweets sent from the user “twilert”

to:pepsi – will find tweets sent directly to the user “pepsi”

@MayorofLondon – will send you all mentions of the user “MayorofLondon” without the user’s own tweets

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