So, you need help with boosting your Twitter profile’s reach and engagement.

You need a powerful analytics tool like Tweetreach that can give you a clear idea of areas where you need to improve your strategy.

With this tool, you can’t only monitor your own profile’s reach but you can also stay updated with your competitor’s position.

It provides a detailed report of hashtags and topics your competitors use to stay engaged with the audience.

The basic version of this powerful analytics tool is available for free.

The basic version is enough for understanding the magic you can do with the premium account.

Features of Tweetreach

Let’s talk about the features you can get with Tweet Reach.

Real-time Monitoring

Many people believe they don’t need an analytics tool to monitor their performance on Twitter because Twitter provides this facility for free.

But the problem with Twitter’s analytics reports is that they are updated the next day.

It means you can’t monitor the performance of today’s tweets until the next day.

Sometimes, you need quick reports to make certain changes to your existing plan.

Let’s say you published a tweet to cover a particular event and you don’t have any idea of why it isn’t performing according to your expectations.

Now, you’d start changing your strategy based on your guesses because you don’t know where you made the mistake.

The next day you get to know that a minor change could have drastically improved your tweet’s performance.

Now, it’s too late and you can’t do anything except crying over the spilled milk.

But wait a second. There is something you can use to avoid this problem.

Yes, TweetReach is the tool that gives you live updates of your tweet’s performance.

And you can easily find the main problem if a tweet isn’t performing according to your expectations.

Proper Organized Reports

Tweetreach produces detailed and properly organized reports of your tweets.

You can easily read these reports even if you aren’t a marketing expert.

And if you’re working on behalf of a company, you can show these reports to your manager and tell them how well your campaigns are working on Twitter.

These reports also share information about sales you’ve generated over a certain period of time.

Don’t miss a post anymore

If you’re manually monitoring the performance of your tweets, you’d probably miss a few tweets because humans make mistakes.

But Tweetreach eliminates these mistakes by taking care of all the tweets you publish on your profile.

Tweet Reach displays the metrics for each tweet in an organized way.

You can customize these reports to get an idea of tweets that are performing well in a particular area.

Affordable Prices

The best thing about Tweetreach is that it offers affordable packages compared to other Twitter analytics tools.

First of all, the basic version is offered for free so you may get a taste of the different features of the tool.

The small and medium-size businesses can upgrade to the social manager program ($45/mo) to use the premium features.

The large size companies should upgrade to the social marketer program ($99/mo) that analyzes 25,000 posts per month.