Why can’t I see any search history?

It could be that you have a Basic account which does not include your searchable tweet history. To access search history, please upgrade to our Pro or Agency account over at https://www.twilert.com/pricing/upgrade

How long will my alerts be saved for?

Your alerts will be saved for as long as you have the Twilert account.

How many alerts will be saved?

Your Twilert email alerts will show a maximum of 50 Twilerts, but if there are more these can be viewed in the search history of your Twilert account. The total amount of tweets that the Twitter API can return at any time is 1,000-1,500. The number varies depending on how many spam tweets Twitter manages to remove when it returns the results

Where are my alerts saved?

If you are a PRO or AGENCY account user you will be able to find your search history located in your account at twilert.com just click on the twilert you would like to view and the history will show underneath the Twilert.

Is there a maximum number of Tweets that Twilert will return?

For each individual Twilert search, 1,000-1,500 Tweets will be returned, depending on how many spam tweets Twitter manages to remove when it returns the results. This number is not limited by the number of searches you have setup and is not capped by account. Each time an individual Twilert searches for keywords (whether this is in realtime, hourly or daily) it will look to return 1,000-1,500 results per individual search.

Can I export my data?

This is not a feature which is currently available but is something that we are definitely looking to add in the future. We do offer options to view your twilert search as feeds in atom, json and rss. The option is on top of your Twiert.

How can I delete an alert?

To delete an alert, log in to your Twilert account at twilert.com, select the twilert you wish to edit in 'My Twilerts' and click ‘delete. Please note that when you delete a Twilert the search history (for Pro and Agency account users) will also be deleted. You can also Pause a Twilert by clicking on the ‘Pause’ button. Inactive twilerts can be reactivated at any time by selecting 'resume'.

How frequently will ‘near real time’ alerts check for my search terms?

‘Near real time’ means every 5 minutes. We are however, able to offer a higher frequency of Twilerts to our Enterprise account customers. To find out more, please email enterprise@twilert.com

Change the frequency of my alerts

You can edit the frequency of your alerts by logging into your Twilert account at twilert.com, selecting the tweet you want to edit from the left hand panel and changing the frequency to ‘daily’, ‘hourly’ or ‘weekly’. Pro and Agency account users can also choose from ‘near real time’ or ‘custom time’ alerts.

How can I edit my alerts

You can edit your Twilerts at any time by logging in to your Twilert account at www.twilert.com

Just select the twilert you want to edit, free type in the twilert text box and select ‘update my twilert’.