My results are too vague

If your keyword or brand name is commonly used you may find that you are seeing vague results which are too vast to search through. To refine your results employ the use of exclusion and filter search operators, some of which are explained below.

Adding the minus sign to exclude a result

By adding the minus sign before a keyword or user you can exclude tweets containing that name or word, from your search results. e.g. Twilert -twitter will return results containing the word ‘Twilert’ but not the word ‘Twitter’

Filtering results

You can also filter your results to only include retweets or links by adding the words filter:links or filter:retweets to your search.

e.g. Pizza Express filter:links will only return the results containing the keywords ‘Pizza Express’ and an external link

My Twilert isn’t showing results but I can see results on Twitter

How old is the tweet that you can see on Twitter? Unfortunately, Twitter’s API only returns results that have been sent within the last 7 days. If the results that you can see in Twitter were sent more than 7 days ago, these will not show up in the Twilert, however Twilert will capture any new tweets going forward.

If the results are less 7 days old, the likelihood is that there is a slight error in the way your Twilert is written. If this is the case, please send us a message containing your account details and the specific twilert and we will be able to look into it for you.

I havn't received any alerts - what's wrong?

Are there results showing in the 'history' panel of your Twilert? If there are and you still haven't received any alerts then check your spam folder and add the email address to your safe sender list as Twilerts can sometimes get caught up in your spam folder.

If there are no results in the 'history' section of your Twilert and you haven't received any alerts, this could be caused by one of the below reasons:

  • There aren't any tweets that match your search parameters

If the 'history' section of your Twilert account is empty this means that there haven't been any tweets which match your search criteria yet. As soon as there are tweets that match your search criteria, these will be sent in an email alert.

  • Your search terms are too specific

A common error is to setup a single Twilert that looks for all of the search terms you are interested in, for example:

'football' 'worldcup' 'brazil' 'thisisengland' 'game'

This search alert is looking for tweets that contain ALL of the search terms: ‘football’, ‘worldcup’, ‘brazil’, ‘thisisengland’ and ‘game’ in any order or combination. It is unlikely that a user would tweet containing all five of those keywords in a single tweet, so it is best to break the search down into individual twilerts or use the ‘OR’ operator instead, for example:

‘football worldcup’ OR ‘thisisengland’

If you still haven't recevied any alerts after checking the points above, please send your search and twitter handle to and we will be happy to look into this for you.

Find tweets in a specific language

Kizzu lang:en – will find all tweets mentioning “Kizzu” in English only

Hint: don’t worry if you don’t know all the language abbreviations as you can enter the full country into the setup dashboard and Twilert will find it for you

I need to geotarget my search to a specific area

The Twilert 'filter by location' tool allows you to type in a City, Country, Street name, venue or place name and search for tweets sent only within that specific area. You can also manually circle the area you want to cover using your cursor, for searches that are less specific. For more information on geolocation targeting, please read our full post on the subject:

I need to exclude tweets from a certain user

To exclude a particular user just add -from: in front of the handle name. For example; @Mayoroflondon -from:@tflofficial - will find tweets including "@mayoroflondon" but excluding tweets sent from @tflofficial

I want to exclude links

You can exclude links from your results by adding exclude:links to your search query

I want to exclude retweets

You can exclude retweets by adding -RT to the end of your search

I need to exclude a certain word

Hilton -Paris – will find tweets containing “Hilton” but not “Paris”

I want to track a hashtag

twittertips – will return tweets containing the hashtag “#twittertips”

twips OR #twittertips – will return tweets containing either “twips” OR “twittertips”

twips #twittertips – will return all tweets containing “#twips” AND “#twittertips”