Our story

Twitter is great for browsing when you have time spare but for business users, picking out the tweets that really matter can be time consuming and expensive. What if you wanted to track a certain keyword, hashtag or simply know who’s talking about your brand on Twitter right now?

Twilert was born from a need to create a simple and effective tool which agencies and brands could use to distinguish the important tweets from the noise.

Who we are

What makes Twilert different from other monitoring tools is that it’s incredibly easy to use, so you can receive keyword alerts within minutes.

With four different plans available, it’s easy to find a Twilert solution which suits your business objectives, whether that’s monitoring specific keywords, tracking competitors or generating new leads.

What we believe in

We believe that using Twitter should always provide a return for your business and we make it our mission to educate users on the best way to use Twilert and Twitter Search to effectively achieve this.

Our support pages and blogs are full of hints and tips, all of which will help you to effectively manage your online reputation.

Twilert Twitter Monitoring Origins

Twilert was developed circa 2008 by Digital Agency Codegent. It was originally built for a client, but after the client dropped the project, the Codegent team brought it in house and developed it into a complete commercial product.Codegent describes Twilert like so:

Twilert is a subscription-based Twitter monitoring tool that helps businesses keep an eye on their mentions, hashtags and manage their online reputation. As well as (near) real-time results, Twilert also provides an archiving feature and the ability to define results by location by drawing an area on a map.

In 2018, the codegent team shifted focus to a larger opportunity . ChainWave, LLC – a U.S. company based in Puerto Rico -acquired Twilert with the intention of continuing the successful growth of the Twitter monitoring platform.

The Present Status of Twitter Alerts

Currently, we are focused on ensuring the alert and monitoring infrastructure is near perfect. Perfect means that we never miss a tweet based on customer’s criteria, and the system experiences 99.999% uptime.

We believe we currently have the most robust and accurate self-serviceTwitter alerting system on the market.

Due to demand of users, we have also implemented a free Old Tweets tool to help users search, filter, and review old tweets in their account.

The Future of Social Listening with Twilert

Our plans for Twilert in the next year include but are not limited to:

  • Alert analytics to give insights into how your alerts trend
  • Heatmapping – see where alerts are heating up
  • Scheduling – schedule alerts for your own time ranges – track events when they happen
  • Integrations – beyond email, set your alerts to go to Slack, a text message, or 1,500+ other applications

In addition to the Twitter-specific features, we are exploring how to allow our advanced social media monitoring system to branch into other social media networks. This will allow anyone to create a custom listening crawler for any website!

Twilert Team

Ben Brown

Growth & Engineering


Rebecca Rinas

Director of Marketing


Navendu Guptu

Backend Engineer


Bianca Cruz

Customer Success & Growth