Free social media search tool

Managing your online reputation gets a lot easier when you have access to a free social media search tool. The search tool allows you to catch up with the latest trends, spy on your competition, find a long-lost customer, and more.

There is no doubt that all the social platforms have their own search tool you can use to find your desired results. But the problem is that it takes a lot of time to carry out research separately on different platforms.

At this stage, the free social media search tool can provide you with accurate results within no time. You can easily find a range of tools when you search for free search tools on the internet. But the question is whether those tools are worth using or not.

Social media monitoring, sometimes referred to as social media “listening,” is the practice of examining what’s being said about someone or something — or the topics that entity cares about — by other social media users. The people who are conducting this monitoring can do so for their own personal profile or on behalf of a business’s social media account.

Brian Whalley,HubSpot

Best Free Social Media Search Tools

Fortunately, we’ve prepared a list of social media search tools you can use to monitor the performance of a brand on different platforms. Here is the list of best free social media search tools that can help with preparing an effective social marketing strategy.


It’s an amazing tool you can use to discover trending topics on different platforms. No matter whether you want to monitor your own brand or your competitor on social media, this tool can accommodate your needs efficiently.

It comes with a user-friendly dashboard where you can explore the reports of different social media platforms. Mentionlytics shows you all the relevant results when you search for a keyword in the search bar. It also sends you the notifications if you’ve set alerts for different keywords.

Mentionlytics gives you the freedom to explore products and customers with its advanced AI-powered algorithm.

Social Searcher

Social Searcher is also a free social media search tool that can help with exploring a keyword or a brand on all major social media platforms. It provides a detailed analytical report based on the keyword you’ve searched for. This tool is highly recommended for brands that want to monitor public social mentions on different platforms.

You can now take advantage of all the possible opportunities with this free social media search tool. You can customize your social media posts after analyzing the detailed report provided by this tool.


This tool is particularly designed for monitoring the performance of social media campaigns. Mention is a highly reputable tool for brands that are concerned about maintaining an active presence across multiple platforms. Mention provides real-time reports for the brands, products, and competitors.

The best thing about this tool is that it comes with an advanced dashboard that you can use to engage with your audience across multiple platforms.


BuzzSumo is an amazing free social media search tool that marketers regularly use to find and research data. The beauty of this tool is that it doesn’t only monitor mentions but it also allows you to discover brand influencers. This tool is considered to be ideal for crisis management. We can say that you can achieve the ultimate level of success with this incredible social media search tool.


So that’s all the Free Social media Search Tool available on the internet that you can use and download. If you had a good time reading and learning from the article then we have tons more in store for you. Just click on this link here.