Frequently Asked Questions

Select ‘account’ in the top navigation bar of your Twilert account followed by ‘Whitelabelling’. Firstly, you’ll need to enter the ‘Sender Name’. This is the name that will appear in the recipients inbox as the ‘from’ address (or ‘sender’). This can simply be your company name, in this instance ‘ChainWave’, or something to make the recipient more aware of the content of the email – ‘ChainWave Twitter Monitoring’ or ‘ChainWave Twitter Alerts’.

Next, you’ll need to enter the ‘Sender Email’. This is the email address which will appear as the ‘sender’ and also the one which all email replies will be directed to. Remember, this is only the email address that will appear on the emails, not the email address that these Twilerts are sent to.

The last step of this section is to upload your company logo – or whichever you want to appear at the top of each Whitelabelled email.

To test the email, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘send test email’.

Once you’ve reviewed your test email and made any changes, simply click the ‘Save’ button. Next, you will need to go into each individual Twilert and click ‘enable whitelabelling’ on the selected Twilerts.

Whitelabelled twilerts will appear to your clients as if sent from your company and will not have any Twilert branding. Our whitelabelling option allows you to add your company logo, sender name and sender email address which will appear on selected Twilerts. Please note that the email address provided above will also be used as the ‘reply-to’ address for whitelabelled alerts. In addition, any client requests to alter, pause, or cancel the alert will be sent to this address.

The group function allows you to select colleagues or clients to receive your Twilerts, without being able to log in and edit or add to them. To setup a group, select ‘Account’ from the top navigation bar, followed by ‘Groups’. You can then create a group name and add email addresses to the group. Once your group is setup, return to your Twilerts page and you will see a drop down for ‘Groups’ under the third ‘edit’ page where you can select the group to send that alert to.

To add more users to your account, select ‘account’ from the top navigation bar then ‘team admins’. You can then enter the email addresses of colleagues who will then be able to log in to Twilert. Team admins can setup, delete and edit the status of any of your Twilerts

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