Frequently Asked Questions

If you previously had a basic account the history would not have been kept. Any Twilerts you create going forward will have the search history stored.

It could be that you have a Basic account which does not include your searchable tweet history. To access search history, please upgrade to our Pro or Agency account over at

Your alerts will be saved for as long as you have the Twilert account.

Your Twilert email alerts will show a maximum of 50 Twilerts, but if there are more these can be viewed in the search history of your Twilert account. The total amount of tweets that the Twitter API can return at any time is 1,000-1,500. The number varies depending on how many spam tweets Twitter manages to remove when it returns the results

If you are a PRO or AGENCY account user you will be able to find your search history located in your account at just click on the twilert you would like to view and the history will show underneath the Twilert.

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