Grow Twitch Followers with Twitter

Are you worried about how to Grow Twitch Followers with Twitter?

If yes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve designed a detailed guide to help streamers that are struggling with growing their followers on Twitch. You must have heard from multiple sources that Twitter is a powerful tool to grow your followers. But there is hardly any information available about how one can grow Twitch Followers with Twitter.

Twitch is an entertaining platform where users can watch interesting videos while interacting with their favorite personalities. At the same time, the creators are using this platform to generate some passive income. In fact, some creators have made it their only source of income as it generates plenty of money for them every month. You can also reach that point if you have enough followers on your profile.

How you can grow Twitch Followers with Twitter?

Growing followers on Twitch can be quite complicated because it’s not as popular as other video streaming platforms.  But there are some efficient ways you can follow to achieve your desired results. According to our research, the creators have a great chance to grow Twitch Followers with Twitter if they use this platform wisely. Here are the details about how you can grow Twitch followers with Twitter.

Use proper hashtags

Based on the type of video, you need to use the hashtags that are perfectly suitable for your video. If you’re adding the same hashtags to your Tweets time and again, it won’t help you with spreading your message to a huge group of people. You can only reach out to a number of people when you use different hashtags in your tweets.

However, the hashtags should be relevant to your video. And there should be only one or two hashtags in each tweet.

Follow Relevant Profiles

Start following relevant profiles on Twitter to build your presence on this platform. Chances are that these followers will follow you back if they liked your content. Once they’ve become your regular followers, you can convince them to come to Twitch and explore your talent.

Interact with relevant tweets

Whenever you find a relevant tweet, you can start a conversation in the comment section. After having some discussion with the users, you can put in the link of your Twitch profile if the need arises. However, you need to be very careful when adding a link because some users consider it spam.

In order to avoid getting blocked on Twitter, you need to use a link shortener before adding your video’s link to the tweet.

Follow the Latest Trends

The latest trends are also a great option for those who want to grow Twitch followers with Twitter. The latest trends always get more engagement as compared to seasonal trends. Therefore, you should keep an eye on the trends that are getting popular in your industry. It will help with spreading your message to the people who aren’t yet aware of your presence on Twitter.