How many Hashtags on Twitter is Too Much?

How Many Hashtags on Twitter is Too Much?

We’ve received this question so many times that we’ve finally decided to write a detailed post about it. The common reason why users ask this question is that they want to protect their profile from getting blocked. According to our research, Twitter doesn’t block someone’s account for adding too many hashtags to their tweets. However, your account will most probably be blocked if you’re trying to spam the platform.

How many Hashtags on Twitter is Too Much?

For instance, you’d be blocked from adding tweets if you’ve added a number of similar tweets within a few minutes. Similarly, you won’t be able to send a direct message if you’ve sent multiple messages with a link.

However, the accounts do not get blocked when they’re adding multiple hashtags to their tweets. You must be thinking why should we then be worried about how many hashtags on Twitter is Too much.

The reason why you should worry about the number of hashtags is that the tweets look spammy and unreal when they have plenty of hashtags in them. The users don’t pay attention to the tweets that come with plenty of hashtags. Therefore, you should consider adding a limited number of hashtags to your Tweets.

How Many Hashtags on Twitter is Too Much?

Are you utilizing hashtags to get maximum exposure for your brand or client’s Twitter account?

If you’re not using hashtags, your content is going to sink into a sea of tweets. On the other hand, if you’re using too many hashtags, your message is going to lose its value.

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Hashtags SpamA lot of people suggest that 5 hashtags don’t make a negative impact on your tweets as long as you’re adding them wisely. The problem is that many users add hashtags at the end of the tweet due to which the 5 hashtags appear to be too much. Similarly, the length of the hashtag also matters a lot when you’re deciding the number of hashtags.

We believe that one or two hashtags are enough when you’re tweeting on Twitter. You might be thinking how would we target multiple hashtags when we’re supposed to add only two hashtags at a time. Well, you can add the same tweets several times with different hashtags. But you need to add those tweets every few hours so you may not get blocked for adding the same tweet time and again.

How to add hashtags wisely?

hashtags wiselyNow that you’ve learned how many hashtags on Twitter is too much, we must take a look at how you can add these hashtags wisely.

We believe the best way to add hashtags to your tweets is to add them within the tweet. Thus, your tweets look real and the users don’t get irritated by them. For instance, if you’re willing to add “#nature” and “beauty” to your tweet, you can add a tweet saying “I really love exploring the #beauty of #nature as it makes me feel alive”.

It’s a great way of expressing your feelings without annoying your followers. You can add more spice to your tweets if you consider adding a relevant image along with the text.

We hope we’ve accurately answered the question “how many hashtags on Twitter is Too Much”. If you’re still unsure about how many hashtags you should add to your tweets, we can help you with choosing the most accurate numbers of hashtags for your tweets.

Well, now you have an idea about how many hashtags on Twitter is required and How many Hashtags on Twitter is too much?  To learn more about Twitter and read a bunch of other blogs relating to it. Just press here and enlighten yourself with all the knowledge.

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