How To Grow Your Email List With Twitter

How To Grow Your Email List With Twitter

In order to know How To Grow Your Email List With Twitter an essential part of running a sustainable business, be it B2B or B2C, is reaching out to your customers. In today’s world, Twitter can provide the perfect platform to do that.

500 million tweets are sent every day, which is roughly around 5800 tweets every second. 

Statistics also show that 40% of consumers are influenced via Twitter to purchase a brand. 

What started as a niche method of marketing, like SMS marketing ideas, has turned into one of the most effective forms of marketing.

Clearly, leveraging twitter can very easily help you in your endeavor of growing your email list. With more than 330 million people on Twitter, it can provide you with endless opportunities.

How To Grow Your Email List With Twitter

How To Grow Your Email List With Twitter: Steps

Here’s how to amplify your email list:

1. Add Images

Add images

Many statistics suggest that tweets with images grab more eyeballs, get more click-through rate (CTR), more likes, and more retweets. 

Clearly, adding images can make a huge difference if you’re trying to grow your email marketing list via Twitter.

Moreover, make it easier for your audience to subscribe to your newsletter by adding a CTA. Adding an engaging and action-driven CTA at the end can do wonders for your email list.

2. Use Hashtags

When used intelligently, hashtags can be the ideal supplement in your efforts to generate a large email list. 

Let’s take a look at this example from Kit Kat:

This sort of campaign drives up customer engagement, encourages people to come out, and share their experiences. Hashtags prompt people to sign-up and, in the process, share their email addresses. To make the most out of such campaigns, you’ve got to try to take these campaigns offline.

Including a similar hashtag like #mybreak can help customers relate more to your emails and, as a result, be more communicative. Hashtags ultimately help keep the interest of the customer alive in your product and avoid your message being forgotten.

3. Opt-in Page

Here’s a quick lesson on How To Grow Your Email List With Twitter. You need to make things easy for the people who see you on Twitter. Engage them on-the-go. Attaching the link to your personal blog page or website or webinar on your Twitter bio is a great practice. It can help you exponentially increase the number of email subscribers you have by making it very easy for people to opt-in right away.

4. Offer Free Bonus 

A free bonus is something that everyone likes. You can offer a little something extra to your audience via Twitter and, in return, ask them to subscribe to your email list. Something like this is convenient for growing your email list.

Using this method to increase your email list is very simple. When someone signs up for your website, ask them to tweet about you to access more content, and become eligible for rewards.

 Every tweet that follows can make you go viral, reaching out to thousands of potential customers, each with the same potential.

5. Use Video Content 

Many marketers would tell you that video content results in higher ROI than any other form of content. 

Moreover, videos shared on social media are likely to get more shares than pictures and text combined. Therefore, focusing on videos can definitely help you.

Especially on Twitter, posts with videos get 10X more engagement than those without it. 

All of these statistics draw a compelling conclusion that adding videos can enhance customer engagement several times and pique the interest of the lead. Video content, therefore, the chances of the leads opting in and signing up for your website exponentially increases. 

6. Take a Personalized Approach  

In today’s world, marketing is increasingly becoming personalized. Twitter chats, to that end, can help you out. 

First, segment the twitter users and arrive at your target group based on considerations like demographics, geographical area, psychographics, and behavior. After this, approach the individuals in the target group.

With a personalized approach, you ensure that the relationship is for the long-term, which can help you maximize CLV (customer lifetime value). 

You also enhance your chances significantly of selling your USP and obtaining the email address for your email marketing campaign.

It also ensures that your mails don’t go over to spam, and are actually read by the prospective (existing) customers.

7. Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards
Twitter Cards

Twitter cards have all the power of tweets, even more. 

They are much more business-oriented. Moreover, they allow you to incorporate videos, images, infographics, and more to increase customer engagement.

What’s more, Twitter cards allow 200 characters as opposed to just 140 in case of normal tweets. 

The 60 extra words can be used to get into much more detailing like specifications, pricing, and varieties.

What’s more, every time someone clicks on the card to watch a video or read an infographic, their email address is captured automatically.

It’s an excellent and engaging way to keep increasing your email list, isn’t it?

8. Profile strength 

Just like you wouldn’t want to buy products from someone you don’t know or someone who doesn’t quite meet your expectations, you wouldn’t want to follow someone on Twitter who doesn’t seem likely to offer value.

That’s why when on Twitter, you must put your best foot forward. Highlight your pros and value propositions and undergird your professionalism.

Here’s a great example:


Watch how the person in the image has also included a landing page to ease your sign up process. It’s also got a link that directs you to a page to know more about the marketer and value on offer.

When you do that, you’ve provided pretty much everything a leader needs to make a decision to sign up, which will undoubtedly help you increase your email list.

9. Tag and converse

While on Twitter, don’t limit yourself. Reach out and make new connections. One of the best advantages of Twitter is that you can talk to anyone; it doesn’t matter how big a celebrity they are.

When you comment on the posts of a celebrity or an influencer and tag them or invite them to comment on your posts. This helps you open up a channel of dialogue that can work very well in your favor.

A famous personality can have a large follower base, and when you converse with them, you might get noticed by some of their followers. Those followers might eventually sign up for your page.

How To Grow Your Email List With Twitter: Winding-Up

So that’s all about How To Grow Your Email List With Twitter. With millions and millions of daily users, Twitter provides the ideal platform to market yourself and jumpstart your business. 

Although tangible results may take time to make a mark, when it comes to growing your email list on Twitter, you can hardly go wrong.