Improve Customer Support

Do you want to improve customer support on Twitter?

There are certain ways you can use to get it done. The businesses need to provide excellent customer support on Twitter because many customers now use Twitter and other social media platforms to interact with their favourite brands and organization.

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So, if you aren’t responding to their requests quickly and efficiently, they will become tired of your service. And they will start looking for someone else who can facilitate them in a better way. Therefore, it’s really important to improve customer support on Twitter.

The best thing about Twitter is that it enables you to fix an issue within a few seconds because it offers limited character space. Another reason why you should immediately respond to the customers on Twitter is that their tweets are available for the entire public. So, these tweets will cause serious damage to your brand if you didn’t solve their issue on time.

How to Improve Customer Support on Twitter?

Improve Customer Support

Customers take to Twitter to share glowing reviews, air their frustrations, and quickly connect with brands. It pays off to respond to social customer service requests in real time: research shows when a customer Tweets at a business and receives a response, they’re willing to spend 3–20% more on an average-priced item from that business in the future. How can busy brands and social media managers offer their customers the best Twitter customer support?


We’ve built important tips for those who want to improve customer support on Twitter. These tips will help you with satisfying your customers while preventing them from bouncing to competitors. So, let’s take a look at the tips you can use to improve customer support on Twitter.

Set Up a Customer Service Dashboard

For businesses, it gets difficult to respond to all the mentions and interactions. We recommend having a dedicated Twitter dashboard so you may respond to all the mentions and interactions on time. Thus, you won’t lose your customers due to the lack of organization. You can either build a dashboard on MS Excel or you can use the Twitter marketing tools to keep a track of user interactions. That’s how you improve Customer support .

Pay Attention to Negative Feedback

Twitter is a platform where customers are free to post positive and negative feedback about different brands. Responding to negative feedback means you’d be able to improve your services based on the problems that a particular customer faced. It will not only help with securing that particular lead but it will also protect you from losing multiple customers in the future.

Customer Privacy Matters the Most

Sometimes, you might have to ask for personal information when dealing with the customers on Twitter. But you need to keep in mind that the customers won’t provide their personal information publicly. Therefore, you must ask them to send personal information via DM. For instance, if you’re asking them for the phone number, Address, or Email address, you must ask them to send the information via DM.

It leaves a great impression on the customers that you pay importance to their privacy. And it makes them feel secure when they’re dealing with you.

Sign your Tweets

twitter customer serviceAdding a signature under your tweets is a great way of showing professionalism. This tip is highly recommended for companies who have different employees managing their Twitter account. Thus, you’d be able to keep a track of who has responded to a particular tweet. It also makes an impression on the customers that they’re talking to a human instead of a robot or tool.

We’d be more than happy to help you if you need professional help to improve Customer support on Twitter.

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