The company called “Mention” is both a web monitoring and social media tool.

This company will offer you real-time alerts for a particular keyword of a company.

It will also enable its user to determine various bases and in more than 42 languages.

You can access mention through your web-based application or mobile app.

What is Mention (

The application will determine the social and web media that includes different platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

The website system will notify you through email or push notifications.

It will also allow you to make alerts for common misspellings or keywords. As stated earlier, you can utilize it through a web-based application for iPhones, Androids, Chrome, Linux, Mac, PC, and other mobile gadgets.


This social media web app usually used by a wide range of companies and industries, including Crunchbase, Github, and Microsoft. Sales teams, PR teams, and Marketing also use the tool to know what the other’s opinions about their social media and competition online are.

How Can Mention Work for You?

All of us can use Mention easily and quickly. You can get a Basic Plan for free that will help the small industries and businesses out there to try some services before giving due to the tight marketing budget.

This app is also suitable for companies and industries that do not have lots of activities in different social media platforms.

The Basic Plan will send you more than 250 @’s as your real-time alert every month. If you think that these @’s aren’t enough for you, or you prefer creating more than 250 alerts, then you will get  the Upgraded Plans.

Varying upon your preferred settings, the application will regularly send you a notification for you to be aware of your mentions every single day.

By using the web application, you will have your time to review all your units at a time, rather than to determine all of this one by one all through the day.

How to Use Mention as Your Marketing Tool?

Similar to Google Alerts or Twilert Twitter Alerts, It is is also one of the greatest marketing equipment that you can use for your business.

By using Mention, they can get notifications that others can’t.

Get Alerts for Hashtags

If you have been used hashtags in your Instagram or use some customized hashtags for your company, you can spend a shorter time in checking how many times your hashtag was used on the social media platform.

The streamlined capability for twitter alerts of this marketing tool will do that for you.

To do this, add the alerts for the usage of your hashtag by updating the Mention’s Basic Plan to your customized hashtag.

Mention will be the one to track the hashtag for you.

Get Alerts When You are Not Tagged

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will send you notifications when other users tag your handle or name and end it there.

How about a person mentioned your company name on Instagram without tagging it to you?

Well, let it handle this.

The app will alert you when other users of Instagram mentioned your company name without tagging you.

It is a great marketing tool if you will use it correctly.