Monitor ICOs on Twitter

How to Use Twitter Monitoring software to keep track of new initial coin offerings and Monitor ICOs on Twitter.

Monitor ICOs on Twitter


The ICO Should Still be Monitored Across the Board.

Perhaps some would argue this is a dead horse. Perhaps we’re all of the opinions that the hey-day is over and that everybody should just accept the fact that there won’t be any more champagne. Perhaps the idea to Monitor ICOs on Twitter is just bogues. Except that there will. There always is. Maybe it will come in different forms, or even in different tiers or distribution models or under different regulatory strictures and certainty. The point is, it will come again, in a different way, and the ways in which it might be different are partially the ways in which we can remain informed about it.

Not to say that there aren’t already dozens of ways to keep your eyes on the prize, to remain informed – but all to say that nobody wants one more story about how they could have participated in some massive growth. We all have too many of those, and I am quite certain I for one would not like to add to that stack. So…What were already good ways to keep track? What can we do differently now to anticipate?


Monitor ICOs on Twitter: Have a Peek at This Tweet from Coindesk


Monitor ICOs on Twitter: This can be Made Painless.

There are definitely some services available that are worth aggregating together to Monitor ICOs on Twitter- some of them are going to come from sources you already follow or read frequently.

I use a service called Twilert that allows me to set up alerts and automate some email outputs. In addition to that, it also helps me to Monitor ICOs on Twitter. This is done a variety of ways, but just in the context of the hashtags and posting profile above, I could immediately set up 3 alerts :

1 – Follow Profile @Coindesk – Set up alerts for every evening of a list of just their tweets.

This is going to fill up quickly because @Coindesk posts a lot – which is fantastic for the community – but not so fantastic for my email inbox, unless we are really just looking into some serious hype about something, at which point it is in my interest to take the time to look way deeper – but no worries, there are ways to drill down.

2 – Alerts based on hashtags, for example, #ICO or even #TGE or #Minting.

Hashtag alerts, depending on how broadly they are applied or what the frequency of the actual tag is, are going to also bring in a lot of results. In this case, I can usually narrow down by actually monitoring a hashtag for the acronym or slogan of the ticker symbol or company I am looking into.

3 – Alerts based on referential terms or conditional terms with operators.

Operators are easy to set up inside of the Twilert system, this lets me monitor twitter for ICO news and updates from certain profiles, or around certain hashtags, by adding an AND or an OR or even a BUT NOT if we want to add a layer of exception to it – I can drill down pretty far and be specific. What is the type of tweet I am looking for, what is the type of new thing I want to hear from someone or some group I already follow?

4- Location-based alerts from highlighted areas or coordinates on GPS / maps.

This is pretty self-explanatory and very useful. We can filter hashtags and terms inside of specific cities, neighborhoods or restaurants. Getting good results from this basic of a filter is going to require that I already have some knowledge to apply of course. This is also a great method to test what I already know. Are things happening in areas I have heard rumors about?


I’m going to kick down one example of what I mean here. Everybody is waiting on the SEC for regulations, but not as many eyeballs are drifting to the largest and most resource-rich continent on the planet…



Twilert is adaptive and affordable.

Head on over. Give us a try. The team is small and super responsive, always eager to hear what functionality you are looking for or how they can help you grow. Twitter is like an ocean of human opinion, we think we can help you find some lighthouses.