Monitor Political Campaigns on Twitter

Monitor Political Campaigns on Twitter

If you gain just ONE actionable political campaign insight from using Twilert to monitor twitter, then it pays for itself for the entire campaign and beyond

Benjamin Brown – Director of Growth, Twilert

Monitoring Social Media Makes You The Winner in Political Campaigns

We all know the power of Social Media. The latest medium for communication has given us an avalanche of data and marketing opportunities. Twitter is an amazing source to freely digest the public communications of millions of people. For political campaign managers and public relations firms in the political sphere, twitter data analysis can provide amazing insights into campaign performance. In short, Monitor Political Campaigns on Twitter. In addition to metrics gathering, twitter outreach for politicians make a huge difference for candidates looking to swing voters to their side at the polls.


Search Twitter for Political Campaign Performance

Twitter and politics, what a world! One of the things that we like the most about it is that you can use Twitter to predict the results of a campaign. We tried back in 2014 the first version of Tweet Binder’s software to predict the result of several elections and got pretty scared at first to see how close the results were. We polished a bit the software so it was easier to adapt to any country and we discovered how Twitter can serve as the perfect Political Poll, the use of twitter in politics is amazing.


The first step to getting valuable insights from Twitter is to go and try using Twitter advanced search functionality. As you get ideas, you’ll want to use this tool to search twitter for political hashtags, your local political competition, and even target specific areas. Make sure to use the hashtags and colloquialisms that are popular in your targeted geographic area – you know your constituency better than we do. Use your intuition and find active political discussions this way.

Monitor political campaigns on twitter

Monitor Political Campaigns on Twitter: Set up Twitter Alerts for your Political Campaign

Monitor Political Campaigns on Twitter

The problem with manually entering searches on twitter is that you will have to go to twitter and type in your search criteria EVERY TIME you want . new data. This is a huge waste of time and your team needs to act quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Setting up standard twitter SMS alerts is the first step into advancing your monitoring campaign for your candidate. You’ll be able to get notifications on your cell phone whenever people are talking about your candidate, hashtags about popular political issues, or even when constituents are talking trash about your candidate.

Monitor Political Campaigns on Twitter


SMS alerts are real-time – you get them as they come in, and you have little control of how to save, share, and analyze the data with your team. The only way to achieve maximum benefit for your political campaign on Twitter is to use twitter monitoring tools. Professional monitoring tools gather these insights for you, and send them to you on the schedule you demand. Tools like Twilert will never miss a tweet and store tweet data for your team to analyze over time. You will win your campaign if you use social media tools like this effectively

Automate Twitter Monitoring for Political Campaign

If you or your campaign management team are manually searching twitter, you need to get them on board with setting up political campaign alerts. If they’ve already got standard alerts set up, you may not be seeing the full picture or even worse: you may be losing out on valuable outreach opportunities.

We’ve created a political campaign monitoring tool that scours twitter 24/7. Get real-time, geotargeted, sentiment-analyzed alerts direct to your inbox weekly, daily, hourly, or even in real-time as they happen. We’re happy to demo our monitoring to you today and show you how you can get the most from Twitter for your clients. For a small fee, our team can even set up your monitoring campaign for you, and we’ll guarantee positive results or we’ll give you your money back.

If you’re tech-savvy and want to try out setting up your own campaign monitoring, we have self-service versions as well – we’ll even let you use the tool for 30 days for free!

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