Search Mentions on Twitter

Search Mentions On Twitter : Detailed Guide

Whether you are looking for a person or a webpage, search mentions on twitter will help you navigate your search. These mentions are usually being mentioned by different personalities on Twitter and let you get in their conversation. If you are apparently looking for mentions and there are only a few follow-ups that you discovered, the person may either be inactive or have a private account. But if you are following them and you just seem to be out of the tune, then you can search their username or mentions.

You can search mentions on Twitter in different ways. Either you are to do it manually that is possible. There is another way in which you can use tools or applications that you can use. Using tools can come very handy or more convenient for the user. But it is still yours to decide if you plan to download some tools or additional application for the convenience of your needs. But you can also do it manually. Down below are some steps that you can follow on both manual searchings and with the use of tools.

Steps to Search Mentions on Twitter

The first step in searching for mentions on Twitter is first to log in. Whether you are a new user or an old user, you can create your search. If you are new on Twitter, you can sign up and complete the requirements needed. But if you are already a user, then you can simply sign in to your account then you are good to go. 

The next step is to look for the search bar. This is usually located off the upper center of the webpage. Once you found it, tap or click it. This is both applicable on the website browser or even smartphone devices.

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What to do after you’ve entered the search page

After clicking or tapping the search bar, you can now do your search. Make sure that you remember his or her user name to navigate them quickly. You can look for them by using “@” on the first part or before their actual username, for example; @username. If you happen to forget their username, there are other options that you can turn to. Since it is possible for a user to change their username and even other details on their Twitter account, it will be harder for you to find them. The next choice is to type down their name that you remember. There are several data that you can be able to look down to look for the person you are trying to search. Once you have seen it, you can copy its username and proceed.

Example of using an automated tool to do this for you

If you use a tool like Twilert, all of the steps you’re following in this guide can be ignored. You’ll simply enter the terms, users, and @’s you want to follow and our tool will take care of it for you. See the image below

Search mentions on Twitter
Search mentions on Twitter

When you finished your searches, you are now done. It is simple, and there is no need for further complications. Just remember that some person and details cannot be obtained if the user has a private account. You can try sending them a follower request to be able to see their newsfeed. But if you are trying to look for some mentions on yourself, then this is easy to navigate since the account is yours.


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