Search Politician Tweets

Do you think it’s quite easy to search Politician Tweets?

If your answer is yes, you must be talking about the recent tweets published by the politician because if you start looking for the old tweets, you’d have to spend hours to find a specific tweet. Normally, the users publish only one or two tweets in a week. So, it’s quite easy to find old tweets from a normal user’s account.

But the politicians publish a huge number of tweets every week. So, you keep scrolling down when searching for a tweet on a politician’s account. And there is no guarantee that you’d still be able to find that tweet. Sometimes, the politicians have already deleted that tweet for some reason.

So, after hours of research, you still can’t find what you’ve been looking for. Similarly, your browser automatically refreshes the page when you keep scrolling down on the same page. So, it’s almost impossible to search politician tweets if you’re doing it manually. However, Twitter has designed an advanced tool to help you with finding the old tweets.

Search Politician Tweets with Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter Advanced search is quite a powerful tool that many journalists use to find the old tweets of different celebrities. However, many Twitter users are still unaware of the power of this tool. Let’s take a look at how you can use Twitter advance search to find the old tweets of politicians.

First of all, you need to go to the Twitter Advanced Search tool where you can search politician tweets within no time. The advanced search tool can be accessed by clicking on that tiny icon that appears with the search box. When you open the advance search too, you’d see that you can enter the details of a particular account to find their old tweets.

You need to enter the Twitter handle of the politician in the relevant box. And then add the specific terms you’ve been looking for you. You can also search for hashtags the politician used in that particular tweet. Now, that you’ve entered the details, you need to select the duration.

You’d most probably have an idea of when the Tweet was published. So, you can choose the specific date before hitting the search button. If you carried out the search without choosing the date, the tool will show you all the relevant tweets from that politician’s account. So, it will still be a problem for you to find your desired tweets.

Even if you don’t remember the date when the tweet was published, you can simply choose the month. It will still save you a lot of time. In most cases, your desired tweet will appear on top of the search results when you use all the important filters.

Use an external Search Tool

Sometimes, external search tools can also be used to search Politician Tweets. These tools provide you with more accurate results based on your search. The best thing about these tools is that they show all the controversial tweets of the politicians for a specific duration. So, if you can’t remember the terms and hashtags used in the tweet, you can use this feature of the Twitter search tools to search Politician Tweets.