Social Recruiting

Social Recruiting is one of the best ways to find the perfect candidate for a specific job. Many people believe that freelancing sites have set the trend of hiring online. But they don’t know that companies were already using social media platforms to hire individuals for the job.

There is no doubt that freelancing sites are the ideal option for hiring people online as you can easily monitor the performance of the candidates by visiting their profile. But the problem with these sites is that they charge you extra fees whenever you pay someone for their services.

On the other hand, social media sites do not charge any money for hiring candidates. The problem with social recruiting is that you can’t find out how well someone has performed over the past few months. The companies need to set their standards before they start looking for candidates on social media.

Social Recruiting Strategies

We’ve brought some effective social recruiting strategies the companies may need to find the best candidate through social media. So, let’s take a look at the strategies that can make the recruiting process easier.

Social recruiting goes beyond posting current vacant jobs ads on your company’s social network accounts. It offers so much more! You can use social media networks to proactively search for potential candidates, build a relationship with them and encourage them to apply to your vacant job positions.


Social Recruiting

Build your Company’s Online Reputation

Would you ever consider working with a company that doesn’t have a reputation online? The same is the case with the candidates who are going to apply for your jobs. No matter how popular your services are in your local area, you’d always have to build your company’s reputation online before you start looking for candidates.

You need to understand the standards of Millennials as they’re mostly concerned about following their passion. So, you need to become that organization that can help them with following their passion.

Videos are Really Effective

Gone are the days when people used to read those old and boring job postings. Today’s candidates do not give a damn about these posts. They pay attention to videos and photos. So, you need to create an interesting video if you want to make your social recruiting more effective. Make sure that you’re describing the details of what kind of candidate you’re looking for. Thus, you won’t receive any requests from irrelevant candidates.

Spread the word with your employees

If you already have some employees in your organization, you can ask them to share the job post on social media. It gives a message to the potential candidates that your employees feel happy to work with and they don’t have any issues to promote your job post with their personal accounts.

Use Twitter & Instagram Hashtags

Twitter & Instagram Hashtags have taken social recruiting to the next level. You can now easily reach out to your desired candidates without spending a penny on social media. With Twitter hashtags, you can put your posts in a specific group. The candidates, that are looking for the job, open that particular hashtag and they will apply for your job if they realized that they’re the right person for the job.

Test Project

The test project is really important to make the most of social recruiting. Based on the complexity of the project, you can ask the candidate to take a test. If they passed the test, you can continue with the hiring process. Thus, you won’t waste your time trying the services of different candidates.

That’s all about Social Recruiting, well the process might look hard, but it isn’t and it does leave out with a lot of positive outcomes. To read more such articles, just click on this link here. 

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