Looking for a remarkable Social Media Intelligence Tool? Why don’t you try the amazing features of Synthesio?

According to our research, this social listening tool helps with building up a social analytics dashboard while showing you the demographics and sentiment analysis. The reason why we like this tool among several other tools is that it collects relevant data with the help of a web crawling method.

It enables you to monitor keywords and methods, discover potential leads, identify top influencers, and engage with your audience to get an idea of their likes and dislikes.

Benefits of Synthesio

The tool is designed with AI technology that helps with taking your social listening efforts to the next level. The tool will keep an eye on the comments and feedbacks of your customers no matter whether you’re available on a platform or not. Let’s take a look at some benefits of Synthesio for your business.

Market Research

Market Research is the first and most important step towards building a strong social media strategy. This tool is equipped with the features that enable to you carry out in-depth market research. Over the years, they’ve collected tons of data in their cloud-based server. And they are now ready to guide you about how you should set your marketing campaign.

Brand Management

Brand Management is one of the most remarkable benefits of this tool. It keeps you notified about what your current and potential customers are expecting from you. You can set different alerts for different keywords to stay aware of where someone is talking about your target industry. The notifications are displayed in an organized way so you may respond to the most important messages before heading towards the other mentions.

Customer Management

Customer Management is the basic need of every business these days. Gone are the days when customers had a very small circle of friends. You are now living in the social media era where customers can convey their message to a vast group of people. And this message may leave a significant impact on your business.

Therefore, you should be prepared to interact with your customers whenever they talk about you on the internet. Synthesio makes it possible for you by keeping you informed about your customer’s feedback.

Pricing and Setup

The pricing structure of this tool may vary based on the number of dashboards you’re willing to use. These dashboards help you with campaign management, crisis management, and competitive analysis. You’d have to pay a starting price of $1,200 if you’re willing to use a smaller number of dashboards.

Once you’ve started using the Synthesio dashboard, you’d be able to access unlimited data storage while scaling up your users. Moreover, Synthesio gives you the opportunity to explore multiple keywords with unlimited queries.


We believe Synthesio is the perfect tool for companies that are concerned about keeping an eye on Social Media Insights. However, this tool is only recommended for medium and large size businesses. Also, you should use the demo account to test different features of this tool before you start using it for your business.