Track Twitter Account

Twitter has been one of the great social media platforms from entertainment, breaking, and hottest news down to politics and sports. In this article, we show you how to understand how to track twitter account / users. However, if you have a twitter account, you need to track it to ensure you got the latest tweets and news with tracking.

Tracking Twitter Account : 7 Steps

Below are some of the benefits that you can get when you track your twitter account:

  1. You can find out those people who are reaching out to your account.
    The Twitter analytics can help you in showing how many times your tweet has been appeared to others feed. It is referred to as impressions, therefore if you frequently tweet there is the higher possibility that you can make more impressions. Tracking your account can help you to look deeper on where and when people read your tweet.
  2. You can check out for the monthly performance of your twitter account.
    It is one of the great benefits of tracking your twitter account, as Twitter analytics will give you the summary of your twitter account performance within the past 28 days. It makes you compare your present data to your past data, then you can tell if your performance is improving or declining. It also allows you to see your top followers, top mentions, top tweet, and more.
  3. You can be experienced about your target audience.
    Through tracking your twitter account, you can able to access your follower’s information like their gender, age, location, buying styles, and even their buying styles. From that, you can able to get a better idea of what are the interesting tweets for your followers, and it makes you have an effective tweeter campaign.
  4. It allows you to get information about the interest of your followers or audience.
    Tracking your twitter account is a great way to access information about the top interests of your followers. From that, you can have creative data and shared content for your followers or audience.
  5. You can get to know the likes of trending topics of your followers.
    Twitter analytics will help you to see for a moment the trending topics and how many engagements every topic gets. You can look for the trending topics, and you can make updates about it. This trending topic’s information can help you to enhance and improve your Twitter content.
  6. You can determine the engagement rate of your twitter account.
    You can check it out through your Twitter analytics; it will help you to know the performance rate of your twitter account. This rate was computed through dividing your twitter account’s engagement rate by the rate of your twitter account’s impression. These engagements include replies, favorites, embedded media, profile photos, cards, links, hashtags, retweets, user name, and tweeter expansion.
  7. You find influencers for your followers.
    This is an important thing in your Twitter campaign. So track your twitter account with the best influencers that can support your next twitter campaign. They could be the fans of your brand or some famous influencers across counties. Get an influencer who you can build a better relationship for your twitter account.


Track Twitter Account Example

Here’s an example of how @SEOMoz would set up TWILERT to track twitter account information. Notice how we’re using hashtags, the account reference, and keywords that users may be saying in conversation without tagging their posts. Remember that not every user understands or uses hashtags, @ symbols. Many use it as a generic post and communication tool.

Track Twitter Account
Track Twitter Account

Now, you should get track of your twitter account and get some of these benefits!