Tweet Delete

Special Features of Tweet Delete

Upload Tweet Archive

“Dear Diary, I registered on Twitter today.” Is this sentence sounds familiar to you? If yes, you are advised to utilize the Tweet Delete for you to ensure that your thoughts are maintained safely.

Uploading your Twitter archive, read it anytime you want, and feel extra happiness and satisfaction are the things you need to do.

Mass Delete All Tweets in Bulk

Do you think all your accumulated tweets are just garbage you need to remove?

Are you willing to have another life on Twitter?

Are you willing and ready to discard all the tweets you posted?

There will be no problem for you.

That’s because the TweetDelete has the feature of Full Delete that will help you to do all of these. Using the Full Delete feature of TweetDelete is one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Auto Delete Old Tweets

Don’t have enough time to remove your old tweets one by one? Worry no more!

Whether you prefer maintaining your present tweet amounts or choose your desired time, for instance, a month where your old tweets will be permanently deleted, the TweetDelete are responsible for these.

To do so, all you need is to create a limit for the exposure of your old tweets and start generating unlimited tweets.

Search Tweets by Media Typetweet delete

Oh! There is an important notification you get from Twitter! Your crush has followed you! Oh, my God! Need to remove some of the contents on your Twitter? Well, let TweetDelete handle this.

All you need to do is to hit your desired button for you to remove all of your cheesy Tumblr inspirational boards, pictures with low-quality, and silly videos you have been posted previously in just a single click. Very easy and quick, right?

Search Old Tweets by Tweet Date

I know that you can’t remove your memories, but your previous tweets can.

Some cases, deleting older tweets is more important. You can now remove your older tweets from your philosophical contemplation in high school for you to have spaces to create new ones.

Search Twitter by Tweet Type

Do you post several tweets every time? Can’t help yourself to re-tweet?

Or you usually create replies every single time?

Well, that’s good!

But there are some cases that it would be best for you to sort some stuff that is not so important.

You only need to pick your preferred tweet type, and all the unimportant stuff will be taken away by Tweet Delete.

Search Tweets by Keyword

Do your parents already have their Twitter accounts?

Then, you might consider getting rid your posts that are not-so-flattering inside your Twitter feed. All you need to do is to select your keyword and delete, expunge, erase, remove, or strike out your preferred tweets.

Final Thoughts on Tweet Delete

Whatever your situation is, you are free to delete some of your tweets on Twitter that you think are not so important with the help of TweetDelete.

You can delete all of these easily and quickly. Without experiencing too many hassles. You can access TweetDelete and start removing your desired tweets.