Twime Machine for Twitter

Introducing Twime Machine for Twitter users who want to grab a few tweets from the past. No matter whether you’re willing to find a one year old tweet or a 5 year old tweet, this tool has got you covered. This machine goes through the Twitter data to collect the exact information you’re looking for.

So, you won’t have to wait for years to enjoy the past moments of your life as you can now make it happen with this advanced tool called Twime Machine. The purpose of writing this post is to describe the amazing features of Twime Machine. And we’re pretty sure that you’d find an ultimate solution to your problem of finding old tweets with this tool.

Why do I need to use Twime Machine?

You must be thinking why should I consider using Twime machine when I have everything available on Twitter. It’s a fact that you can use different features of Twitter to find the old posts but it’s quite painful. When you’re using twitter search to find old tweets, you have to apply different filters and then explore a number of tweets to find the tweet that you’ve been looking for.

It often happens that the users can’t find a tweet even after carrying out in-depth research. Even if they manage to find a tweet after long research, they end up wasting a lot of time. And it makes their life miserable. But the beauty of this amazing tool is that it doesn’t disappoint you at any step of the way. And it provides you with the most accurate results within a few seconds.

How Twime Machine can Help you?

Now that you’ve understood the benefits of using this tool, we must head towards how you can use this tool to find the old tweets. So, let’s get started.

Enter a Keyword and profile link

If you’re willing to search an old tweet from a specific profile, you’d have to enter a specific keyword and the link of that profile. If you just now the name of the person who published the tweet and don’t have their profile link, you can simply enter their name and the relevant keyword to find the tweets.

However, things will become a little complicated because the tool will show you all the tweets that are published with that particular keyword under that name. But if you have the link to the profile, things will be a lot easier for you.

Search by year

There is no need to be worried if you don’t remember a phrase or keyword from a tweet. You can simply search the tweets by year if you remember the year when the tweet was published. Although it will take some time to find the tweet, you’d be able to find better results as compared to the Twitter search.

Search Photos and Videos

The beauty of this Twime Machine is that it has a separate section for users who want to search for a specific photo or video. It means it will make your life easier so you may focus on other important things rather than wasting your time on these minor tasks.

Let us know if you want to use this tool or need more information about it. We’d be more than happy to help you.