Twitter Advanced Search

Even if the reports of Twitter’s demise have been exaggerated to a great extent, this social media site has dipped in fame like Snapchat and Instagram have captured the imagination of many users all over the world, particularly millennials.

Using Twitter advanced search is one of the advantages marketers have when sifting through social media data.

However, Twitter today has more than 328 million active users a month, 100 million active users every day, and 500 million tweets are sent daily.

Twitter has undeniably conquered the world of social media platforms. It remains one of the most viable marketing tools for companies.

What Can Twitter Advanced Search Do for Your Business?

The Twitter advanced search feature provides many opportunities for businesses to refine their techniques in promoting their product and services.

The tool [Twilert] is like advanced search on Twitter but on steroids. It offers far more functionality as well as automation.

-Neil Patel, “How to Use Twitter’s Advanced Search to Drive 100% More Leads

Now, businesses are able to modify search results based on people, range of dates, specific phrases as well as hashtags, while excluding phrases and words.

This gives refined searches which can assist you to know and past trends, and polish on the performance of your targeted audience.

Twitter Advanced Search
Here is an easy guide to utilize Twitter Advanced Search. Keep on reading!

The advanced search feature is available if you are logged into your Twitter account. It enables you to modify search results to a particular subject. Thus, it is easier for you to look for specific tweets.

Advanced Search Fields

You are going to acquire a long list of search fields to select from that can be a little bit overwhelming. Like for instance, under Word heading, this list comes into sight:

  • This exact phrase
  • All these words
  • None of these words
  • These #hashtags
  • Any of these words
  • Written in (language)

Proper to Use Twitter Advanced Search

To use the advanced search feature, enter your query  into the search bar:

5 Quick Steps to Use Twitter’s Advanced Search

  1. Tap Advanced search, you can find this below Search Filters on the right portion of the results page. You can also tap More Options and then Tap Advanced Search
  2. Fill in the right field to filter the search results
  3. Tap Search to view the results.
  4. Filtering Twitter Advanced Search
  5. Utilizing Twitter advanced search, you are able to filter the search results by utilizing any mishmash of the fields in the following Section

4 Types of Query Specifications in Advanced Search


  • Tweets that have all words in any position
  • Tweets that have precise phrases
  • Tweets that have any of the words
  • Tweets without specific words
  • Tweets that have a specific hashtag
  • Tweets in a particular language


  • Tweets which come from a particular account
  • Tweets sent as respond to a particular account
  • Tweets which mention a particular account


  • Tweets which are sent from a geographic location such as
  • specific state
  • country
  • city
  • Utilize the place dropdown to choose the geographic location


  • Tweets which are sent prior to a particular date, or within a date range or after a particular date
  • Utilize the calendar dropdown to choose a date, from or to date or both
  • Look for tweets from any date from the time when first public Tweet

Conclusion on Twitter Advanced Search Basics

Twitter Advanced Search helps in analyzing the market, review how competitors are doing based on negative or positive sentiment.

Also available is the ability to enhance the geotargeting based on how many Tweets in particular places or locations.

Alternatives to using Twitter search manually would be using a tool like Twilert, which automates and scans twitter for your search criteria 24/7.