Twitter Hashtag Popularity

Twitter Hashtag Popularity is an important element the Twitter bots take into consideration when ranking a Tweet in an area. Therefore, the top brands and organizations always take advantage of this feature to make a hashtag popular in an area. But it can be a bit difficult if you’re using the wrong methods to increase the Twitter Hashtag Popularity.

Fortunately, we’ve brought valuable information about how you can make your hashtag popular in an area.

Are you utilizing hashtags to get maximum exposure for your brand or client’s Twitter account?

If you’re not using hashtags, your content is going to sink into a sea of tweets. On the other hand, if you’re using too many hashtags, your message is going to lose its value.

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How Twitter Hashtag Popularity is measured?

Twitter bots use different elements to measure the popularity of a hashtag. Here is the information about how the popularity of a hashtag is measured.

Twitter Hashtag Popularity

Number of Tweets

The number of tweets plays an essential role in boosting the popularity of a hashtag. Usually, the hashtags about local celebrities and events become popular in an area when a number of tweets are published with a specific hashtag within a specific time period.


When companies are concerned about ranking a hashtag, they use different accounts to promote a hashtag. However, these accounts aren’t built overnight. The companies hire social media teams that are supposed to grow engagement with the followers. Thus, the followers also publish the tweets with that particular hashtag when they like a tweet from their favourite account.

If you’re also willing to grow your customer base, you can hire a professional team to build a huge following on Twitter.



If you’re just publishing tweets with some accounts, the bots will easily figure out that you’re trying to manipulate the algorithms. However, your tweets will appear natural when you’ve received a certain number of retweets from different accounts.

If you’re using the same accounts to retweet the tweets, it won’t bring you any benefit. The retweets become more powerful when the users add the same hashtag in the retweets.


Likes also help with boosting Twitter Hashtag Popularity. You need to make sure that you’re adding informative and entertaining content to your tweets. Thus, your followers will happily click on the like button. And it will ultimately grow Twitter hashtag popularity.

Adding a hashtag multiple times

Sometimes, the companies try to make their hashtags popular by adding the same hashtag multiple times in a single tweet. If you think it will make your hashtags popular, you’re probably mistaken because it’s considered spam. And it can reduce your account’s reputation on Twitter. Therefore, you should stay miles away from hashtag stuffing.

Similarly, if you’re adding multiple tweets with the same hashtag, it won’t grow the popularity of the hashtag.

Similar Tweet from different accounts

If you’re posting the same tweet with different accounts, it won’t increase the Twitter Hashtag popularity. In fact, it will leave a negative impact on your campaign. And you won’t be able to use these accounts for future campaigns.

Twitter bots use these elements to measure the popularity of a hashtag. Therefore, you must launch your marketing campaign carefully. We recommend using the services of a professional and experienced team as they can use the right tools and methods to make your campaign successful.

We hope you have gained enough knowledge to know clearly about Twitter Hashtag Popularity, now that you have all the required details, you can set up the perfect hashtags to gain more retweets and try to trend over twitter. To learn more about such trendy topics on twitter, you can read other topics like Social Media Monitoring Tools.

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