Twitter Intent

So, you haven’t yet found an efficient way to get more social shares on your blog posts?

What if we tell you that Twitter Intent can solve your problem right off?

It’s an easy way to convince your readers to share your post on their social media profiles.

Why you should use Twitter Intent?

The reason why users aren’t sharing your blog posts with their audience is that they don’t want to go through the complicated process of copying the link and then pasting it on their Twitter profile.

It takes a lot of time to share a blog post on Twitter if you do it manually.

The users, nowadays, use smartphones to explore different blogs.

And you’d agree with the fact that it’s quite difficult to share a post through a smartphone.

When you provide the Twitter Intent link to your readers, they don’t need to make any effort to share your research with their audience.

They just need to click on the link and it will automatically open the Twitter app on their phone with the link.

Now, they just need to click on the tweet button and the tweet will be published on their profile.

After that, they can easily get back to the web page and start exploring the rest of the content.

The users appreciate this kind of facility and they always step forward to share content with their audience when you make efforts for them.

How to Use Twitter Intent?

It’s quite difficult to create Twitter Intent Link for your audience.

First of all, you need to find a Twitter Intent generator to create the link.

There are several Twitter intent generators available online. So, you’d see plenty of results on your screen after running a search.

You need to pick a tool that provides more features compared to others.

Thus, you’d be able to enjoy more amazing benefits of Twitter Intent.

Features of Twitter Intent Generator

Let’s talk about some important features of Twitter Intent Generator so you may easily find the right tool for your needs.

Include your Blog Post’s Link

The most important reason for using the Twitter Intent Generator is that it enables you to include your blog post’s link in it making it easier for readers to share the post on their Twitter profile.

The users won’t even have to copy the link from your web page and then paste it on their profile.

They can simply click on the link from your webpage and post the tweet on their profile within a few seconds.

Include the Hashtags

Now, this is an interesting feature of Twitter Intent Generators that help with growing your presence on Twitter.

When the users click on the Twitter intent link, the hashtags are automatically included in the tweet.

So, your message is conveyed to your targeted audience from different accounts.

Include your Twitter Handle

You can also include your own Twitter handle in the tweet using Twitter Intent.

So, whenever someone watches the tweet, they’d see your profile as well.

Thus, it will help with improving your follower over time.