Twitter Keyword Search

You want to find people talking about topics related to your business.

Or, you want to see what people think of a certain account or trending phrase.

You can use twitter keyword search to find hidden gems of business opportunity lying deep in these online conversations.

Searching for any content that you might have any interest with or other reasons can be a little confusing at first.

Particularly when you are new to Twitter and don’t know any technique or way to do so.

Twitter Keyword Search through Advanced Search

It can be stressing to scroll each one and track Twitter accounts that you had followed. It can also be a waste of time searching for the tweet that you want to find.

However, do you have any idea of the possible keywords used by this tweet you had been searching for?

Come on, take up your mind, and think deep! Keywords can be the only way for you to find that specific tweet that you had been looking for.

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Using Twitter’s Advanced Search for your keyword searching  is an effective and efficient way. However, do you have any idea about this? Worry no more for we will give you.

Twitter Advanced Search is available when you are logged in or active in Twitter.

Advanced Search is used by a lot of Twitter users when searching for a specific tweet through keywords. These keywords can be the date, tagged people, and more.

This provides an easier and effective way of searching for a specific tweet.

How to use Twitter’s Advanced Search?

Using Twitter’s Advanced Search also has its own ways or steps to achieve a successful retrieval of a specific tweet. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Type the Keyword into the Twitter Advanced Search Bar

Keyword searching Twitter can consist of utilizing the  date, title of the content, people, places, events, and so many more.

Always remember to type the correct spelling of the keyword that has a relation to the tweet that you and been searching Twitter for. For example:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Riverdale
  • The Hobbit
  • Amanda
  • Paris
  • Coronation

Step 2: Searching Twitter with Filters and Advanced Search

In this step, you must click the Twitter Search Filter button, and the Advanced Search will be seen.

In Advanced Search, there are lots of potential keywords that you can try to use. It has words, places, people, and dates. Carefully type the keywords that can bring you into the tweet itself.

Also, it has the language option that is why you can find the tweet effectively despite the language used. It also has the options of from these accounts and to these accounts, which makes it a lot better and easier to look.

Using a tool like Twilert app will automatically search twitter for your query every day. See how this looks for #twitterTools hashtag:

Twitter Keyword Search
Twitter Keyword Search

Step 3: Click Search

After providing the keywords and other relevant words connected to the tweet, click the word search, and wait for the results.

Be attentive and look for the look through the results carefully.

Your desired results can be anywhere on the provided list of tweets that have used the keyword you had provided.

Alternatives to Manually Using Twitter Keyword Search

Searching for a tweet is a bit stressing and messy.

Fortunately, Advanced Search is formed to ease the stress in this kind of problem.

Now, Twitter users can search for their missed tweets effectively and easily.


Twitter keyword search

You need to look into how to set up automatic monitoring of twitter by watching certain Twitter keyword search queries.

Our Twitter alert automation tool has helped 30,000+ users over the past 10 years.

You or your team can set up alerts for terms you want to track. You’ll get a batch email of all the tweets which include the terms you want to follow.

It is incredibly easy and saves a TON of time vs. manually doing twitter keyword search queries.

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