Twitter Mention Analytics

So, you’re interested in knowing how Twitter Mention Analytics can help with growing your business?

You’ve reached your destination because here we’re going to describe the benefits of this tool for businesses.

I bet you’d wish you had integrated this tool into your business if you knew its benefits earlier.

However, it’s never too late. You can still integrate this tool into your business and start enjoying its great benefits.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details of the benefits you can get with Twitter Mention Analytics.

Tweet Impressions

Monitoring the performance of your tweets is really important for building a better strategy for the future.

If your existing tweets aren’t bringing any fruitful results, you need to change your strategy.

And it can only happen if you have a clear idea of the results you’re getting from your tweets.

The Twitter Mention Analytics help you with monitoring the performance of your tweets for a limited period of time.

You can change the duration with the help of filters available on the page.

Mostly, people use the 28-day overview to monitor the performance of the tweets.

But you can increase or decrease the limit according to your preferences.

Tweet Engagements

Knowing the impression isn’t enough for understanding the pace of your tweets.

Twitter bot counts an impression when someone views your tweet while scrolling down.

Now, it doesn’t mean that they’ve read your tweet as well.

This is where the engagement part lets you know that how many people have shown interest in your tweets.

The impressions and engagements are both very important for building a better marketing strategy for your business.

Top Tweets

Now, this is an important part of the Twitter Mention Analytics due to which businesses often agree upon using this tool.

Once you’ve found the top-performing tweets on your account, you can reuse those tweets to grow your engagement.

It also helps with choosing the hashtags that can bring better results for your business.

Follower Growth

You may be thinking that why would someone worry about follower growth when they can simply check the number of followers from their profile.

The fact is that the Twitter profile only shows you the total number of followers you’ve received since you created your account.

But it doesn’t give you an idea of whether your current week’s performance was better than the past or not.

Only the Twitter Mention Analytics can do this for you.

Therefore, you must integrate this tool into your business so you may make informed decisions.

Profile Visits

It’s another important aspect that keeps you informed about whether people are showing interest in your business or not.

This option is very important for social media influencers who are trying to grow their presence online.

You can take help from the mini graph to find out that how many people have visited your profile during the last 28 days.

Depending on this data, you can decide whether you need to continue with the current strategy or it requires some changes.