Twitter Monitoring For Professionals

Introduction and Thank You

Is Twitter Dead

Twitter may not be ‘hip’, but it’s alive and well

Bot Problems

Plagued with bots, autoposters, etc

Crackdown Bots = More Authenticity

Crackdown on bots and spammy apps over the past two years and why it has improved service

More Profit for Twitter and Rising Stock Prices

Twitter is making money now. They’re going to be around for awhile.

What is Twitter Monitoring?

Overview for dummies

Your Business Should be Monitoring Twitter

Yes, yes, and yes

How Do Twitter Tracking Tools Work?

Overview of how they work

What Can You Search for With a Twitter Social Listening Tool

  • Terms
  • Hashtags
  • @mentions

What Kind of Filters Can You Use To Target Results?

  • Geolocation
  • Media
  • Retweets
  • Basic Sentiment



What Can You Do With Pro Monitoring Tools (ACTIVITY)

  • Get Notified When terms, hashtags, or users show up in tweets
  • See activity in a geolocation
  • Store tweets from public conversations

What Can’t You Do with Pro Monitoring Tools

  • Extreme

Industries that Can Benefit From Social Listening on Twitter

Talk about how many different industries use social listening and twitter monitoring.

Public Relations

Disaster Response

Real Estate

Customer Support




Use Cases: How Businesses Use Twitter Tracking Software

Common Use Cases For Twitter Monitoring

What most people come here looking for

Brand Monitoring

Product Monitoring

Finding Influencers

Content Ideas


Crazy & Uncommon Use Cases from The Twilert Customer Base

Interesting angles taken that you might not expect

Ticket Arbitrage

Superfans & Celebrity Gossip

Event and Conference Monitoring

Fire Restoration

Political Campaign Monitoring


Using Twitter Tracking In Your Business

Step by step guide to getting started using Twilert.

Understand Your Market

Are they even on Twitter? How are they talking about the industry/product/space? How can you find people that are indirectly looking or conversing related to your offering

Planning Your Goals

What do you want to get out of this? What is your goal? What use case is it similar to? Understand your market and how they speak.

What Actions Are you Taking When Tweets Arrive?

Do you have a system in place to review and react to Tweets

Setting Up Your Alerting Software

Set Up with Twilert (Freemium)

Testing Your First Results

See results – if too little, expand your criteria. IF nonsense, narrow criteria

Filter and sort

Find Actionable Items – if no actionable items rethink your goals and setup.

Improvement and Optimization


Expanding Your Monitoring Campaign

Once you get results, you should be considering how to expand campaign. Here are some ways to think about creating more alerts

  • Create an alert for each problem set your business solves
  • Alerts per industry category
  • Q&A – think about common questions people have related to your industry – create 1 alert for each question



Call To Action : Twilert Will Facilitate Your Returns from Twitter Activity

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