Twitter Search Tool

It is a fact that Twitter is among the most popular social media platforms in today’s modern and digital generation.

It is ideal to use for communication, entertainment, business, and more.

Meanwhile, if you are a new to Twitter, you must also be familiarized with its features including using the twitter search tool. It is one of Twitter’s amazing features.

If you want to learn more about it, read further.

It is estimated that Twitter has over 328 million active users every month.

The platform is used by around 100 million active users daily, and approximately 500 million tweets are sent every day.

How Twitter Search Tool Works

The Twitter Search Tool provides different opportunities for businesses to improve their marketing strategies.

The best about this tool of the said platform is that you can tailor search results according to different categories such as people, dates, specific phrases, hashtags, and more.

It allows you to have a more refined search which provides you a better understanding of current as well as previous trends.

Even more important, it can also help you to discover techniques to deal with the actions of your targeted audience.

Accessing the Advanced Query Capabilities in your Twitter Search Tool

You can access the Twitter Search Tool by typing ‘’

Then, enter the phrase on the search bar. Results will appear, and you can click the ‘More options’ – ‘Advanced search.’ You can also directly navigate at

You can encounter lists of search fields. For example, in heading ‘Words,’ you can find:

  • This exact phrase
  • All of these words
  • Any of these words
  • These hashtags
  • None of these words
  • Written in (language)

In other headings, you can encounter Places, People, Dates, and more. With the use of the search tool, you can search with a combined phrase in a particular date range.

Here’s an example of the Twilert app which helps automatically and repeatedly search for the terms you specify. You’ll get an email every time somone on Twitter mentions one fo these terms:

Twitter Search Tool
Twitter Search Tool

Using Twitter Search Tool for Generating Leads

If you are a hopeful business individual, you can also use these kind of apps to generate leads. It can give you with lead generation opportunities, data about prospects in your area, and valuable demographic information.

If you desire to get lead generation through the platform, you can focus on Places, People, Dates, and more.

Twitter Search Tool can also guide you with market analysis. It can help you determine how your competitors work.

It can also enhance your geotargeting based on the number of tweets in particular areas.

Results in Twitter Advanced Search

As you access the Twitter Advanced Search, the results page can offer you the following headings:

Live – in this category; you can see recently posted tweets.

Top – Twitter considers it as the tweets who gained the most reaction.

Accounts – it is the list of user accounts according to the criteria of your search.

Videos – these tweets have links on videos on other sites.

Photos – it includes tweets with user-posted pictures.

More options – it has categories including broadcasts and news which come with links to tweets and news sites that have live streaming.

These apps can help you to have a more customized search that can meet your particular needs.

Are you or your team are spending large amounts of time each day setting up and running these queries to search twitter?

You should consider researching tools that help automate these processes.

Calculate the average amount of time each of your employees spends per day running twitter search queries.

Multiply that by 250 to understand about how much time they spend per year running Twitter Search manually. If someone spends 10 minutes a day, that’s over 41.6 hours in an entire work year they’re spending on the tasks to search twitter.

With our tool, you can automatically search twitter in almost real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It will send email alerts to you and your team with a full digest of any of the terms you want to search for on twitter. Imaging how much valuable action your employees could take with 40 extra hours per year.

Click the image below to see your twitter search tool

search twitter search tool


Have you ever heard about these? Maybe you may say that it is the search box that you will see in your Twitter account.

Well, it is of course. However, you cannot use it for more advanced search. An advanced search like viewing who unfollows you, followers, and so on.

There are many Twitter Search Tool that you can use for your needs.

The tools will help you find the right information in which you cannot find in the Twitter search bar.

To give you clearer idea here are some of the Twitter Search Tool that you could use for your searches.

List of the Top Twitter Search Tool Options

  • Hashtag

This the most popular process to which you can identify tweets and find a tweet that matches to

The hashtag you use.

  • TweepSearch

TweepSearch tool can be used to find for people on twitter. By simply entering the name at the search bar, it will automatically scan the profiles of the users and give you a list that matches our search.

  • Local follow

This tool has four main search field, which is location, tweets, Name, and bio. Its purpose is to make things easier for you to find a specific post or person. It has Google search and twitter’s API to find the match list based on the data you inserted.

  • Nearby Tweets

Like from its name, it will help you find tweets based on the local users. They use google maps in finding the location and show tweets of the users near you.

It is a handy tool, especially for the business owner who wants to expand their business in a specific local area. They quickly check what’s in and out in the local community.

  • Searchtastic

It is another twitter search tool which its result displays the older post or tweets than the twitter search tool shown.

  • Schmap Picks

This tool is only available in the cities along in the US with the Sydney and London. This tool also helps to find reviews on twitter about bars and restaurants.

  • Twellow

This tool is like a whole twitter directory; it categorizes the information which is collected in the twitter from yellow pages format. Services, people and professions, etc. can also be done.

  • TwitJobSearch

If you are looking for a job, TwitJobSearch might be your solution. This tool filters the post or tweets contains employment and hiring word. And its real and effective one, if you are looking for a job, might as well use this tool.

  • Tweetmeme

This tool shows the most popular tweets from all around the web. And it is pretty cool and useful one.

Twitter Search Tool options are those which makes your life easier.

If you are having a difficulty in locating a specific post, person, etc. you can make use of this search that is listed above.

But this is only some of the search tools that you can use and are free also. So, I hope you find this useful and makes your Twitter experience more productive.