Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts

Why should I Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts when they aren’t causing any damage to my profile?

That’s a common question that everybody asks when they are asked to unfollow inactive Twitter Accounts. You’d be surprised to know that the inactive accounts cause serious damage to your account but you don’t realize it. Therefore, we’ve decided to create a detailed post on this topic. We hope you’d be able to make an informed decision after reading this post.

Why you should Unfollow Inactive Twitter accounts?

Here are a few important reasons why you should unfollow Inactive Twitter accounts:

They make you look less popular

The most painful thing about inactive accounts is that they reduce your popularity on Twitter. These accounts are only found in your Twitter profile’s “Followers” section but you’d never find them interacting with your tweets. Your potential followers take these things seriously when they see that you have a huge fan following but you don’t have enough interactions on your tweets.

It makes them realize that you aren’t sharing valuable content that can convince them to like or share your tweets. As a result, they avoid following you on Twitter.

Moreover, the Twitter bots also measure your profile’s popularity after analyzing the number of followers and the interactions on your tweet. You must regularly unfollow inactive Twitter accounts so you may maintain a better position on Twitter.

They make you more susceptible to Bots

The worst thing about inactive Twitter accounts is that they make your profile susceptible to bots. What usually happens is that the users stop using their accounts for several reasons. These accounts are the favorite target for hackers who are trying to hack accounts they can use for different purposes. These hackers will start spamming your feed once they’ve found access to the inactive accounts that you’re following.

These hackers can also use different methods to take control of your account. Therefore, you should keep an eye on how different users are interacting with your tweets. And it’s important to unfollow inactive Twitter accounts if you want to stay safe from hackers.

Enjoy a Better Feed

Your feed helps you with getting in touch with your followers. Usually, the tweets of your favorite accounts appear on the top when you enter your Twitter account. If you’re regularly getting valuable knowledge from these tweets, there is nothing wrong with following those individuals. However, if you’re regularly receiving useless tweets in your feed, you should consider unfollowing those individuals and start looking for the ones who can add more value to your life.

Should you Always Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts?

Your definition of inactive will help with deciding whether you should unfollow Inactive Twitter accounts from your profile or not. Usually, the people look at the number of tweets and replies the users have published over a month.

If a user hasn’t published a tweet for the last 30 days, they consider it an inactive account. You can also use this approach if you don’t know when you should unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts. However, there are methods you can use to keep your profile free from inactive accounts.