Create New Twitter Account

Do you Want to Create New Twitter Account?

There are certain steps you need to follow so you may build a better reputation on Twitter. The process of building your reputation starts right from the day when you create your account on Twitter. We’re going to describe the detailed process if you want to build a strong profile on Twitter.

Basic Steps to Create New Twitter Account

Create New Twitter Account

Once you are on twitter homepage, Enter your Full name, Email address and password to create your Twitter account. If you are creating an account for your blog, make sure you use your brand name as Full name. Ex: ShoutMeLoud. You might like to check the availability of your user name before signing up, using the free service like Namechk.

Harsh Agarwal,Shoutmeloud

When you open Twitter on the desktop or on your smartphone, you’d be asked to enter your credentials to sign in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you can create new Twitter Account by clicking the Sign up Button.

Sign Up Process

Create AC

The process of creating a new account is very simple. You are supposed to enter your email/mobile number along with the password and the account is created. After that, you’d receive a verification code on your mobile or email. You won’t be able to use different features of Twitter if the account isn’t activated. Simply, use the code you’ve received to activate your account.

Add a Profile Picture

The users need to add a profile picture when they create New Twitter Account. If you want to build a strong profile, we recommend adding a clear picture of your face. You can also add your brand’s logo if you’re creating the account for business use. The profile picture makes the impression that the profile belongs to an authentic person/business.

Choose your interest

When you create new Twitter account, you’re asked to choose your interests before moving further. At this point, you need to select around 3-5 categories based on your preferences. You can simply press the skip button if you don’t want to choose the interest.

The reason why you’re supposed to choose the interests is that Twitter wants to provide you with a better experience. If you didn’t choose the interests, the Twitter bot will monitor your day to day activities to find out your interests.

Follow a few profiles

Twitter shows you the popular profiles based on the interests you’ve chosen. You can either click the follow button to see tweets from these profiles or you can click on the Skip button. Twitter will also show you the profiles of your friends if you’ve attached your phone number to Twitter. It’s better if you add a few people in the initial steps as it helps with building a network on Twitter. And it also enables you to enjoy the platform.

Important Things to do

twitter loginAdd your Bio

We recommend describing your personality in the Bio when you create new Twitter account. It’s a great way to tell others about your interests. Adding the bio is really important if you’re launching a business account. It plays an important role in reaching out to your target audience.

Change your Twitter Handle

Twitter automatically assigns you a unique Twitter handle when you create a new account. If you want to change your Twitter handle, you can go to the profile settings and click on your Twitter handle to change it. You need to choose a unique Twitter to handle otherwise, it won’t be accepted.

Add your website

If you’re running a business account, we recommend adding your website link to your profile. You can go to the profile settings to add the website link.


So that’s all on how you can Create New Twitter Account for yourself or for anyone that needs it. It is quite simple and very easy, so anyone can easily do it. You need not require any specific talent to do the work. So read this article and just seat back and relax. Also, if you want to learn more about twitter and read more engaging articles like this Create New Twitter Account one right here. You can just click on this link here and read more on other articles like this one.

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