Delete Tweets by Keyword

Need to know how you can delete tweets by keyword?

We assume that you’re an active Twitter user and you regularly publish a number of Tweets on your account.

Well, that’s a great thing because Twitter is the best place for knowledge sharing.

If you’re using Twitter for a few years, you must have published thousands of tweets on your Twitter account by now.

But what if you realized after a few months that your tweets were against the fact?

Would you spend hours looking for those tweets so you may delete them or you’d just stop worrying about them?

Well, you can’t simply underestimate those tweets because your competitors/haters may use those tweets to spread hatred against you.

Therefore, it’s important to delete those tweets from your account as soon as possible.

No, we aren’t asking you to sit in front of the screen and keep scrolling down so you may find those tweets.

But we’ve found a method that you can use to Delete Tweets by Keyword.

And it will take only a few minutes to remove the unnecessary tweets from your account.

How to delete Tweets by Keyword?

Here, we’ve described the method you can use to delete tweets by keyword.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Go to Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter Advanced Search is the free tool you can use to find your old tweets within a few minutes.

The only problem is that most of the Twitter users are unaware of this tool.

If you’re willing to Delete Tweets by keyword, you just need to open the Twitter Advanced Search and you can search for your tweets there.

This tool has a number of features that enable you to filter the search results.

First of all, you need to add the keywords you used in those particular tweets that you’re willing to delete now.

After that, you need to add the Twitter handle from where you want to grab these tweets.

You must have some idea of the month when those tweets were published.

In the next step, you need to choose the duration for the search so you may find the most accurate results for your search.

Now, scroll down and click on the search button. The tool will show the most relevant tweets according to your search terms.

Use a Tool

Although Twitter Advanced Search is quite an effective tool, some users don’t feel comfortable with it.

They often complain that it doesn’t work according to their needs.

If you’re also facing the same problem, you can consider using a tool for this purpose.

There are many tools that are designed for Twitter users who want to delete Tweets by Keyword.

Most of these tools are available for free but some tools will charge you a nominal fee.

The benefit of these tools is that they enable you to delete the tweets in one go while the Twitter advanced search tool doesn’t offer this facility.

But you must keep in mind that you need to integrate your Twitter account into these tools if you want to delete tweets through these tools.