Twitter Hashtag Trends

Everybody knows that Twitter Hashtag Trends are the best option to grow your profile on Twitter. But finding the Top Twitter Hashtag Trends can be a huge pain in the neck.

The hashtags make it easier for users to find their desired content on Twitter. Whenever a user clicks on a hashtag, a new page opens on their screen with all the tweets that are published with that particular hashtag. The hashtags start appearing on the trending page when multiple users publish tweets with a certain hashtag during a specific period of time.

Twitter Hashtag Trends

Does that mean you can’t get popular on Twitter unless your relevant hashtags appear on the top 10 Twitter Hashtag Trends? Well, this misunderstanding prevents many users from growing their profile on Twitter. Sometimes, you’d find hashtags that are extremely popular in your industry but they’d never appear on the top 10 list because those trends are never used widely.

However, these trends can bring some remarkable changes to your brand. Therefore, you should be in search of hashtags that can be more beneficial for your brand instead of chasing those top 10 trends.

How to Use Twitter Hashtag Trends?

As a brand, you want to create campaigns that spark conversation and increase your Tweet engagements. But, instead of guessing which hashtags will be most relevant for your audience, Twitter analytics breaks each trend down to the top gender, age, and location talking about it. This way, you can accurately target your hashtag use based on your followers’ demographics and make a greater impact.

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Using a hashtag on Twitter looks quite simple. All you have to do is to add “#” before a word and it will appear as a hashtag in your tweet. However, there are certain tips you need to follow when adding hashtags to your tweet.

  • You need to add short and easy-to-read hashtags to your tweets. Thus, the users will find it easier to follow that hashtags. Usually, single words are used to add a hashtag. But you can use the “_” sign if you’re supposed to add two words in a hashtag.
  • Adding multiple hashtags to your tweet might make your tweet appear as a spam. And you’d get less engagement on these tweets.
  • Also, you need to make sure the hashtags you’re using in the tweet are relevant to the topic you’re discussing in the tweet. Now, let’s take a look at the tips you can follow when searching for popular Twitter Hashtag Trends.

Use Twitter’s Search Tab

The search tab on Twitter is the most appropriate feature you can use to find the relevant hashtags. Usually, the top trending hashtags appear on your screen when you enter the platform. But you can always search for relevant hashtags with the help of the search tab.


Trendsmap is somehow similar to where you can see popular trends worldwide. The same is the case with Trendsmap as it shows you a list of trends people are discussing in different parts of the world. You can also use this tool to search for relevant hashtags for your industry.


Ritetag doesn’t only help with choosing the best hashtags for your future campaigns but it also provides a detailed analysis of hashtags you’ve already used in different tweets. It gives you an idea of how well you’re performing on Twitter.

These are the options you can use to find the best Twitter hashtag trends for your tweets. Feel free to contact us if you need help with choosing the best hashtags for different tweets.

That’s the way to create Twitter hashtag Trends, if you want to learn more awesome stuff about Twitter, just click on this link here and get all the details that you want.