Get Market Signals from Twitter


If you get just ONE valuable insight from using Twilert to monitor market signals on twitter, it will pay for itself for years to come.

Benjamin Brown – Director of Growth, Twilert

How to Get Market Signals from Twitter for You and Your Clients

Did you know the latest Samsung phones are coming out with the Facebook App baked in, and that you can’t uninstall it? How about that Apple will finally be releasing their own case with a battery inside? The cat is out of the bag folks. Twitter is better than single analysts at announcing if not predicting market movements with twitter alerts. Just read this quote from Blackwell Global Partners regarding a National Bureau of Economic Research Study:

Twitter Sentiment 4x More Profitable than Standard Carry Trades

“The usefulness of Twitter data has also been established by several research studies. According to a paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, a study of all tweets between October 9, 2013 and March 11, 2016 related to the EUR/USD pair revealed that traders who would have solely relied on Twitter sentiment would be almost four times more profitable than those using a standard carry trade strategy.”

Get Market Signals from Twitter

So you want to capture some of this crowd analysis for your own benefit? Well, somebody calls Jordan Belfort and tell him to get a new nickname, because there’s about to be a new wolf of wall street in town. Just kidding. But not really. You’ve got more drive than he ever had and a whole toolset at your disposal. Let us show you how to use it.

Get Market Signals from Twitter
Get Market Signals from Twitter

First To Know, First To Act with Twitter Alerts

Twitter is often the first place news appears, and that news often affects markets. Even when reporters are preparing to publish a report or a story, they often Tweet first before doing so, giving their audience and followers a chance at being the first to click and the first to share. Obviously, you’re going to build a list of your favorite influencers and folks that you already follow or have decided to follow. There’s no right or wrong way to do that list – here are several that we follow:

Zerohedge – @Zerohedge

Bloomberg Markets – @Market

MarketWatch – @MarketWatch

Blackstone – @Blackstone

Ray Dalio – @RayDalio

PAA Research – @ActAccordingly

Marc Andreessen – @pmarca

footnoted – @footnoted

Shortsighted Capital – @ShortsightedCap

Modest Proposal – @modestproposal1

Michael Batnick – @michaelbatnick

Wu-Tang Financial – @Wu_Tang_Financial


Now keep in mind, we all accumulate voices we like to pay attention to, voices that make us laugh or scratch our heads or feel compelled to share. Chances are you already have your own list even if some of the influencers on it are mostly for the fun…No list is going to be perfect, even the most well-curated cross-section of Twitter influencers is likely going to be incomplete for your particular subject.

So how do you aggregate huge quantities of tweets down into actionable items for your teams and your clients?

How do you decide to pull the trigger based off of the number of posts and reshares a particular hashtag or topic is receiving?

Your Clients Need Specific Info in Order to Act

Twilert is an aggregation resource that can send you detailed reports from the Twittersphere.

Get Market Signals from Twitter
Get Market Signals from Twitter

Whatever is being discussed, whatever is being hashtagged, from right now all the way back to the beginning. Anyone trying to find clues about public sentiment on specific market items can save hours by simply letting us send reports out instead of tasking team members with digging. The metrics are fluid, users can change focus or add specificity on the fly. Imagine being able to research the history of a hashtag, of a ticker symbol, of a company name. Twilert has pricing for every team size, with easy to access dashboards and customizable reports. You already have signals from your traditional sources, your analysts, your market pundits – add some data from the crowd. Try Twilert. 

Automate your Alerts on Twitter

Twilert is a subscription service that allows you to set up a twitter alert and reports relevant to your search terms. Want to know when someone specifically mentions a term or name you are watching for? Easy to set up with Twilert.

Want to know where a specific hashtag is being used the most, or whether an area or city is using a specific hashtag at all? Also an easy alert to get running.

Basically, anything going on in the greater ecosystem of Twitter can be pulled down off the shelf and sent to your inbox, without you having to dive in and search for it.

Get familiar with how much easier it can be for your team.

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