Get Restoration Leads from Twitter

Get Restoration Leads from Twitter

If you get only ONE home restoration contract from the leads Twilert can generate for you, it pays for itself for years to come.

Benjamin Brown –  Director of Growth, Twilert

Home Restoration Leads from Twitter

Twitter is a powerful tool for real-time conversations. Whether it is insane meme-speak or political discourse, Twitter is the source for real-time updates. Outside of daily conversation, Twitter users post many life events on Twitter, including home damage issues. Which is why it is possible to get Restoration Leads from Twitter

Get Restoration Leads from Twitter

If you’re in the home restoration business, then Twitter can be a possible source of leads. For home restoration leads on Twitter, people will describe water damage, flood damage, a house fire, or other related terms.

Get Restoration Leads from Twitter: Using Twitter To Monitor for Restoration

You’re the expert – get in the heads of your potential home restoration leads. You know how customers talk and respond to the disaster in conversation. You can use that knowledge to set up alerts that really target the human discussion and pain points.

Another approach is to set up Twitter alerts for natural disasters. Flash floods, forest fires, extreme rain or snow are all great topics for natural disaster alerts. When you see a natural disaster occurring within the geolocation of the tweets you set up, you can be ready to monitor Twitter for home restoration needs in your coverage area.

ServPro Franchise Operator Sees over 100,000 to get Restoration Leads from Twitter

We’ve taken an example from a current Twilert user who has set up alerts in our system. Whenever anyone on twitter speaks about the topics related to home restoration, this user receives an email alert in their inbox.

One suggestion we would make on this account is to add geolocation for local coverage areas so that you only see these types of restoration leads that you can actually service. It is much better to have fewer, laser-targeted leads than to have a mass of unqualified home to get restoration leads from Twitter

restoration leads twitter
Home restoration leads on Twitter

Here’s an example of another ServPro operator who has successfully integrated geolocation in their restoration alerts to drill down to leads that are only in their service area:

Home restoration twitter alerts
Home Restoration Twitter Alerts

Get Restoration Leads from Twitter: Restoration Twitter Lead Types

As a home restoration expert, you know there are many kinds of services you can provide. We’re a monitoring tool – you know your business best. Use these examples and think about creative ways to create other alert types to generate leads for your business.

Twitter Alerts for Water Damage Leadswater lead

You can set up a geo-fenced alert for anyone that mentions the terms “water damage” “flooded basement” “leaky roof”, and more. Get creative here, and target terms where users are experiencing water damage and will need restoration services.

Twitter Alerts for Fire Damage Leadsfire lead

Fire damage comes in many forms, so be sure to set up your alerts in a specific area you cover. Enter terms like “house fire”, “kitchen fire” “smoke damage” and anything you can think of related to the fire damage restoration services you will sell to your customers.

Twitter Alerts for Mold Leads

Mold is generally a result of insufficient water management omold leadsr water damage. Set up your mold restoration alerts to cover terms like “moldy” “mildew” “mildewy” “smelly” and other terms similar to this. Make sure you only target twitter searches in your area, or you may get useless mold restoration leads that you cannot provide service for.

Automating Home Restoration Twitter Alerts

ServPro Franchise Operator

Once you have a strategy, you’ll want to set up geo-located, automated restoration leads from Twitter directly to your inbox. Many service providers use Twilert to set up alerts to come directly to their email on a daily basis. Our team can help you set up your account and for a small fee, we can even create Twilerts for you. Just think – if you get just ONE single lead over from Twilert, it would pay itself for years. Once you start getting the hang of setting up the alerts for your business, you will optimize and expand to generate more revenue.

This is how we can Get Restoration Leads from Twitter. If you want us to help you set up an account, please reach out to us: [email protected]

Or, if you want to set up free alerts for restoration leads in our trial, go ahead and