How Software Can Aid Digital Marketing

Over the last ten years or so, marketing agencies have had to endure a huge transformation.
Shifting from printed forms of advertising to the digital realm has not just required a change of
tactics. It has involved upgrades in software and a complete change of mindset. While many
people who are in advertising and marketing dreamed of being a modern-day Don Draper, the
reality is now far different. It’s more about becoming a bigger presence online and catching the
eyes of your target audience over multiple channels. So: how can software help your agency
pursue its objectives?


Your design team are the final touches on any project. The layouts and images they create are
vital for getting your campaign off the ground. It’s therefore important you don’t cause them to lag
behind with outdated version of Photoshop or other Adobe programmes. It might also be worth
your agency’s time to browse different types of design software. If you commission from illustrators
on a regular basis, instead of designing them from scratch yourself, you may actually benefit from
using a different type of software.

Data security

Most agencies will have to work with embargoed content. You will be working with clients who
have a closely-guarded product launch, that they want to work on but avoid leaking to the general
public. The only true way to protect embargoed content is to keep it closed off under virtual lock
and key. This involves password-protected storage that only your team has access to. Try not to
keep embargoed files on memory sticks: they may be handy to pass around the team but they are
unbelievably easy to corrupt at a moment’s notice. Instead, you’d be far better off invest in decent
Cloud storage. You can find affordable versions at software resellers such as Bytes, so there’s no
excuse not to use modern storage solutions.

Segmentation software

As an agency, a large part of your research is understanding who your customer base is. You will
likely have to do this for multiple clients and then tailor your solutions appropriately. You can
actually buy segmentation software, which breaks your customers down into different categories.
This is great if you have recently conducted a number of polls and want to better understand the
information that has been given back to you.

Newsletter software

Software brands such as MailChimp were created with the exact intention of making newsletters
easy to design from scratch. You shouldn’t have to hire out a specific designer just for a newsletter,
especially when you consider how much this could cost your company in the long-run. Instead, you
can get your digital marketing team to create tailored newsletters on easy-to-understand software.
There are some pieces of software that are created for expert-use only, such as Photoshop and
video-editing software, for example. However, many pieces of software that have been designed
for digital marketing agencies specifically are far more democratic in terms of how easy to use they