How to Find Out What Customers do With Your Emails

It’s disheartening to spend time on an email that gets ignored and dropped into the ‘junk’ folder. You’re left wondering why your content didn’t resonate with them, with your unanswered question unable to lend a hand towards how you could get your customers to engage with your email. Luckily, there are ways to find out what customers do with your emails. 

Have they read, skimmed or glanced at your email?

Through tools like HubSpot, you can see how long someone has been on your email for, as well as the time they opened the email. With the time shown on each email, the graph HubSpot creates for you can be valuable information so that you know if your emails are captivating enough.

If a person merely lingers for a few seconds, and this becomes a common occurrence, then you know something must change regarding your email’s content. 

  • Know and write for your target audience
  • Ensure your subject line and body copy are relevant
  • Use clear language
  • Personalize each email
  • Don’t go for the hard sell

What’s your click-through rate?

Email click-through rates are calculated by the number of people who have clicked on one or more links in your email marketing campaign. Easily calculated with the following equation:

Email CTR = # of Clicks/# of Delivered Emails x 100

Ideally, your average CTR should be between 15-30% depending on the type of email message you are sending out. 

To find out the number of clicks you get, you need to use CRMs such as HubSpot and Mailchimp. These tools can help calculate the metrics such a CTRs that’ll help you improve your email marketing campaign.

How’s your open rate?

You guessed it – the open rate is the number of people who have decided to open your email (although this doesn’t necessarily mean they read its contents!). There are two ways to measure open rates:

  1. Total number of emails opened and divided by total sent
  2. Total number of emails opened and divided by total delivered

Knowing the success of your open rates can help you determine whether you need to revisit your subject line. After all, that’s the only content they can see before clicking through.

What makes a good subject line?

  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Write the important words first (and keep them at the beginning)
  • No filler words
  • Add personalization
  • Use relevant keywords for search and filtering

What can you do to improve your email marketing campaigns?

Getting people to interact with your email is difficult. After all, the public is becoming more aware of email marketing tactics and dislike random emails landing in their inbox. You need to gain their trust and only target them with relevant content that’s got a purpose.

How can you do this?

You need to look at your metrics relating to your current email marketing campaign. This means considering the design, layout, and copy of your email and seeing how you can improve it. Not sure how to do this? Contact experts in email marketing such as those at the Klaviyo Experts Agency.

Email marketing is an important part of your overall digital marketing campaign; however, it has a high risk of being done wrong – which can lose you customers in the long run.