How to Increase the Number of Followers on Twitter

How to Increase the Number of Followers on Twitter

The answer to How to Increase the Number of Followers on Twitter is something that needs to be researched a lot.  Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. It is widely used by celebrities, political figures, and ordinary people. It is probably the best platform for expressing your thoughts and feelings about some particular subject.

Obviously, we all want to have a bigger audience. No matter if you are using your profile for business, self-expression, or promotions gaining more followers should be your priority. You can get many benefits from having a significant follower list. However, sometimes it is hard to grow your followers, especially if you are new to this platform and you don’t know what you are doing.

According to social media statistics, nearly half of all marketers cite Twitter as their go-to network for engaging with customers. Fast-moving and so simple to use, Twitter is arguably the easiest social following to grow from scratch.

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In this article, we will go through the answers of How to Increase the Number of Followers on Twitter with some of the ways you can increase the number of followers on your Twitter profile.

How to Increase the Number of Followers on Twitter

1. Tweet Frequently

Just like any other social media platform, you need continuous posting in order to gain more followers. You need to maximize engagement in order to appear more often in people’s feed. If you compare to other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, Twitter requires a more aggressive posting strategy. On the other hand, your Tweets do not take a lot of your time compared to the content sharing on other platforms.

The optimal number is around 3 to 7 tweets per day. That way, you will continuously be active and your followers will have enough content to engage with. Some brands even decide to go over that limit posting 15 to 20 times per day, but that seems like over the top. 

2. Improve Your Timing

You need to understand that your tweet reactions are directly connected to the time you post it. You need to find that ‘sweet spot’ when most of your target audience is active. Posting tweets in times where your audience is sleeping, won’t help you gain more followers. According to a recent analysis, the best time for posting is during weekdays in early or late afternoons. 

However, this might vary on the time zone and your audience, so makes sure you know when your audience is active and focus your tweets around that time.increase

3. Visual Content is Important

As in any social media platform, visual content is one of the best ways to increase engagement. Even though Twitter is more about expressing yourself through messages, you should not forget about the visual aspect of your tweets. Many brands use the strategy of accompanying an image alongside their tweets in order to achieve greater engagement. 

Infographics are great for Twitter. In fact, they are shared three times more often than any type of media on Twitter. Providing valuable data through image makes your posts more appealing to readers.

4. Don’t Forget About Your Hashtags

You should consider hashtags to be a form of SEO for your Twitter account. Recent studies show that, on average, your engagement will increase by 13% with the use of hashtags. It is also a great way to target a specific audience. Basically, you are making your content much presentable and easier to find by users. Since it does not take a lot of time, make sure you add a couple of hashtags on every tweet.

5. Master Tagging, Retweeting and Replying

Obviously, Twitter is not just about sharing your content. Since it is a social media platform, you should also engage with other people’s content. Even though you can schedule your posts, you don’t want to create an impression that your profile is run by bots. You are still a human being who engages with posts that are relevant and interesting for you. Also, creating relationships with other people is going to help you boost your followers.

follow meThese are some of the ways on how to Increase the Number of Followers on Twitter. It is not an easy job but definitely doable. Investing time, money, and effort into your Twitter account will be very much appreciated later on. You cannot expect to build your dream audience as fast as a horse competing in the Kentucky Derby race. It is a long term process that requires dedication. 

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