Is Texting Social Media ?

Is Texting Social Media?” is a million-dollar question that every marketer asks when they are planning a marketing strategy. Many believe that texting is a part of social media as it’s a great tool to communicate with your customers. Before the advent of social media sites, companies used to send text messages to communicate with their customers.

But the scenario was completely changed when different social media sites started building a reputation in the business industry. This was the time when companies almost stopped using SMS marketing to promote their services. With the passage of time, they realized it was a huge mistake. And they again started using this marketing tool to promote their services.Is Texting Social Media?


For year’s now sending SMS text messages has been an effective way to communicate with customers. Bulk Text messaging has allowed marketers to get their message directly into the hands of their prospective customers who have willingly signed up to receive information and sales incentives.  The growth of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus since the mid noughties has presented SMS with an opponent! Some believe they have a decision to make- SMS or social media? We do not believe that a marketer should have to choose between SMS or Social Media when planning which marketing tools to employ.

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It’s now considered to be one of the most useful marketing techniques. That’s why you now find a number of marketers talking about “Is Texting social media or not?” The basic rule of thumb is that the testing isn’t social media because it has a wider aspect as compared to social media.

On social media platforms, the companies communicate with the clients in the form of a group. But texting is a one-to-one conversation where companies directly communicate with the clients. It helps with building a stronger connection with your customers. However, when we dive into the details, the answer to the question “Is texting Social Media” can be different. Here is the information about how you can describe this aspect in different scenarios.

Is texting Social Media for Millennials?Texting

Nowadays, a huge number of businesses are targeting youngsters. So, it’s worth knowing is texting social media for millennials or not. A study shows that average millennial exchanges 67 messages every day. Another important fact is that the millennials show preference to the messages as compared to social media sites.

Basically, we can say that texting is social media for millennials as they regularly use it as a communication tool. The availability of automated testing services makes it easier for businesses to reach out to these customers. Therefore, we recommend everyone must use this facility as much as they can.

Is texting better than social media?

Now that you’ve found a reasonable answer to the question “Is texting social media”, it’s time to take a look at which platform is more effective. According to our analysis, both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. And the marketers should consider using both options to boost sales.

However, if you want to prioritize these mediums, we’d recommend you to focus on Texting. The social media platforms do not deliver your message to all the followers. Your posts and tweets only appear on the timelines of followers who regularly engage with your tweets.

On the other hand, when the question comes to Is Texting Social Media ?.Text messages have a 100% delivery rate and they help with building better engagement with the customers. Another important thing that every marketer should know is that marketing is now all about getting personal. It means you can promote your services in a better way if you communicate with the customers through text messages.

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