Monitor Twitter for SEC Updates

Staying in-the-Loop : Monitor Twitter for SEC Updates with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Twitter

The SEC is the federal agency responsible for protecting investors and keeping order in markets. All of the national securities exchanges, like the New York Stock Exchange, Chicago Stock Exchange, or Cboe Exchange, are registered with the SEC. To Monitor Twitter for SEC Updates, one must set up alerts that are set to watch the terminology and people at the SEC.

The SEC protects investors, maintains fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitates capital formation. This is according to their own twitter page.  We all know they are the watchdog in the room. Their decisions on regulation and listings affect all the major markets and all the major players.

Monitor Twitter for SEC Updates

Last year was no exception, as the emergent Blockchain industry sought advice from regulators about how to remain compliant.

Just look at this quote from the CoinDesk article linked below :

In corporate law, the “corporate veil” allows a corporation to be treated as a separate legal entity, insulating the company’s owners, in most cases, from personal liability for the company’s violations…What is or is not reasonably foreseeable in an age of constant innovation?

7 Legal Questions That Will Define Blockchain in 2019

The Big Announcements Are Already All on Twitter.

So, why not utilize Twitter to find updates from the SEC if you know how to Monitor Twitter for SEC Updates?


This is just one account where you can follow officially published news and announcements. Below is the official enforcement account, which is another great source for official updates. Obviously, following groups like Bloomberg (@business) and Bloomberg Law (@Blaw) are also excellent places to start as well as stay ahead of the curve.

The truth is, if the SEC were more transparent, industries wouldn’t need to guess all the time, but it often pays to do one’s homework. Even if your effort to keep abreast doesn’t pay off, who knows, it may lead to some other interesting opportunities for you and your clients.

Similarly to how we suggested to monitor crypto currencies on twitter, you’ll need to understand the layout of people, accounts, and common terminology

Monitor Twitter for SEC Updates and Automate It Now

But what do we do when we want to go a step further? Or, better yet when we want to automate our update mechanism so that we don’t have to crawl twitter every day? Google alerts are one thing and can be useful when we want to get notified of a news article, new publication or headline.

Twilert is a tool that can automatically send you reports on Twitter usage and statistics. People use Twitter as a primary mouthpiece for new announcements, speculations, even wagers – to say nothing of the news that bleeds out into the rest of the headline space directly from the Twittersphere – we must acknowledge that it is a literally alert system on a raw social level.

If you Monitor Twitter for SEC Updates, you can use it to set up alerts on hashtags, on specific accounts, even on geographic regions and particular cities. There are operators that allow you to aggregate entire phrases minus certain words, or search words in combination with other certain words. Whether your team is looking to launch new IP, build up to an IPO, or simply advise clients, keeping abreast of the SEC using Twilert is low-hanging fruit and certainly worth a free trial.

Monitor Twitter for SEC Updates
Monitor Twitter for SEC Updates