1 Million Followers

One Million Followers

This Maniac Got 1,000,000  followers in 30 days. He shares it in his One Million Followers Book

We just read this amazing book by a now world-renown growth hacker.

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What struck me about this book is that the author has REAL life marketing relationships with the likes of people like Taylor Swift. 

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He takes tactics and data from all types of sources and has combined them into one super effective strategy. He even includes Tweet Tracking in an area of the book

One Million Followers – Can you Repeat this Feat?

Frankly, I was a little hesitant to share this book because it contains so many secrets we want to implement for our own business. 

But since its already on amazon and so easy to find, we’ll show it to you anyway. Click the button to head over to amazon and see the listing.