Search Twitter by Image

It’s really easy to find a specific type of content on Twitter, isn’t it?

But have you ever tried to search Twitter by image?

No, we aren’t talking about finding images using the photos tab from the Twitter search page but we’re talking about using an image to run a search rather than using a keyword or a hashtag.

I bet you’d think twice whether it’s practically possible or not.

Fortunately, Twitter allows you to find the relevant tweets and accounts if you use an image to run a search.

But it’s a bit difficult to search Twitter by Image because you need to use the advanced search tool to find your desired results.

And unfortunately, most of the Twitter users are unaware of the power of this tool.

We’ve written different articles about how you can take advantage of Twitter Advanced Search to find your desired results.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about the image search you can conduct using this tool.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details of how you can use Twitter Advanced Search to Search Twitter by Image.

We’ll describe the easy way to access the Twitter advanced search tool so you may not get confused.

You can use any word to run a search using the search bar.

Once you’ve run the search, it will show you the results according to the keyword, you’ve inserted in the search bar.

Now, go to the advanced search section using the three dots that appear with the search bar after the search is conducted.

Here you can change the keyword you entered initially while running the regular search.

The reason why we recommend using the keywords is that it helps with narrowing down the search results.

Even if you’re searching for someone’s profile, it’s wise enough to use the keywords.

You can simply add their name in the keywords section and then proceed further.

In this advanced search tool, you can also choose the geo-location if you’re familiar with the place where the profile or the image belongs to.

Now, you’d see an option for uploading the image. You need to click on the attachment sign and then add the image you’re willing to run a search for.

The Twitter advanced search tool is quite efficient and it can easily provide you with accurate results depending on the image you’ve used.

This feature is usually helpful for those who forgot the name of an old colleague but wanted to contact them for some reason.

Similarly, it can be useful for finding some beautiful places.

It often happens that we see the beautiful images of nature on the internet but we don’t have any idea of where that place could be.

In this situation, you can search Twitter by image to find the exact location of that beautiful spot and then you can plan your future trip accordingly.

You can use this feature for several other purposes. It totally depends on your needs.

But it’s the most effective way to search Twitter by Image.