Security Awareness Tips for Beginners

Security Awareness Tips for Beginners

Security awareness is important for everyone but is even more vital for those that are using the internet to invest in their futures, with monetary transactions being one of the biggest targets for hackers looking for financial gain. In this article, it will explain some of the top security awareness tips for those new to using computers, browsing online, or even investing on the internet. 

Be aware of downloads 

Downloads can take the form of email attachments, clickbait, or advertisements, or can be downloaded onto your computer from websites. Before downloading, you should always check that the website is secure and ensure that any attachments come from a trustworthy source. 

Download endpoint security software

If you are concerned about your security online, it is important that everyone is able to download a good security system, such as endpoint security. If you are wondering ‘what Is endpoint protection?’, McAfee has created a detailed explanation of the combination of security features such as firewalls and anti-viral software that endpoint security includes. 

Don’t give out personal information

You should always make sure that you avoid giving out personal information online, such as your bank details or address, even when investing unless you are expecting to give these out or are sure that this personal information is not a scam. 

Manage your passwords

It is also important when investing that you manage your passwords, using different words and combinations for different websites. You should store these in a safe place away from your computer to ensure that no one else can access your investments, and you should change these on a regular basis. 

Get backups of documents 

You should also back up any documents that contain vital investment or personal information on a USB or a Cloud system to make sure that these can still be accessed if a virus or malware does infect your computer. You should also back up your computer system in case of these events. 

Be careful when performing sensitive actions

When transferring money during an investment, you should make sure that you are using a private home network. You should not transfer money or conduct sensitive actions which include your personal information on unsecured public networks, such as in cafes, supermarkets, or on another person’s device. 

Use mobile phones safely

It is also important that you use your mobile phone safely if you are conducting financial or investment activities on it. You should stay aware of the applications that you download to check whether they are safe and update these regularly. You should also make sure that your phone’s operating system is updated and you should not store personal information on your phone. You should also make sure that your phone is locked with a pin, a password, or by using fingerprint recognition

Security awareness is vital when investing online, especially if you are transferring financial or sensitive information. However, following some of these top tips and staying constantly aware online will enable you to protect your transactions from malicious hackers and malware.