Track Chainlink Twitter Stats and Sentiment

Chainlink has immediately built its reputation in the decentralized network because it introduced a unique idea that didn’t exist before.

Chainlink is going to be the volume leaders in the decentralized world because a huge number of business leaders are using this option to manage their contracts.

The coin’s price has already increased a lot due to which many people believe it won’t go further.

But they are just making speculations while they aren’t aware of the facts.

If you track chainlink Twitter Stats and Sentiment, you’d realize how fast this currency is going to move in the future.

These stats don’t only help with making long-term investments but they also enable you to enjoy the short-term benefits.

Whether you’re a day trader, swing trader, or a long-term investor these stats help you with making a profitable entry at the right time.

Hashtag Tracking

Hashtag Tracking is the ideal way to track Chainlink Twitter Stats and Sentiment if you’re willing to invest money in this coin.

A common mistake the investors often make is that they continue following the official Twitter handle of the main organization.

Without any doubt, it’s important to stay updated about the changes being made in this coin.

But it’s not the right option to track Chainlink Twitter Stats and Sentiment because it only gives you an idea of actions the company is taking to improve their performance.

When you subscribe to a particular hashtag, you can get updates about that topic whenever a tweet is published with your targeted hashtag.

The fact is that the investors use a number of hashtags when talking about Chainlink on Twitter.

So, it gets difficult to check updates about these hashtags if you’re monitoring them manually because you’d forget some of the hashtags after some time.

Therefore, it’s important to turn on the alerts for hashtags rather than monitoring them manually.

Another important benefit of automating the process is that you get updates on your phone when people are talking about your targeted hashtags on Twitter.

Thus, you can take an entry in the coin at the right time. And if you’ve already purchased the coin, you can book profit and wait for the next opportunity.

Twitter Advanced Search

If you’re trying to track Chainlink Twitter Stats and Sentiments manually, you’d end up missing a lot of important tweets.

That’s because a number of users only search for their target keyword in the normal search box.

This search box shows you all the tweets that are relevant to your search term.

In this situation, it may take a lot of time to find the tweets that may help you with making a decision.

However, if you start using the Twitter Advanced Search, you can easily find the tweets from a particular group of people that were published during a specific time.

Thus, it will not only save your time but you’d be able to make a quick decision for your day trade or a long-term investment.