track twitter activity

The task to track Twitter activity can be a hard and complicated process, most essentially if you are following hundreds or thousands of people. To assist you quicklky see a breakdown of the favorites, retweets as well as follows of people you are following,

According to eMarketer nearly 66 percent of the businesses who have 100 or more employees have a Twitter account and expect it to rise into 2018


Twitter has presented the Activity page. All favorite retweets, as well as follows, are shown on this page, together with the users’ name. This information can be checked in just a couple of clicks, provided the fact that you are aware where to look for the Activity page

Step One – Getting Everything Opened Up

Open your account and then tap the #discover button, located at the top portion of the home page. Then, view the tweets as well as the activity of those you follow. Also, you can find appealing, interesting, and relevant accounts to follow, look for friends through importing contacts from email add, and look for the most admired Twitter accounts.

Track twitter activity
Step Two – Get into the Accounts

Tap the activity button to see the activity of those you follow. Latest favorites follow, and retweets are highlighted. The activity page is similar to the news food on Facebook.

Step Three – Higher Level of Detail

To see more details, click the Find Friends, Who to Follow, Popular Accounts, and Tweets tab. Or else, tap the Home tab to go back to the Twitter profile.

Retweets from those who have selected to keep their tweets safe will not be visible on the Activity page.
You can make use of the Twitter activity page to see what interest people. Probably, you’ll find many engaging things, most essentially if people you are following have similar interests as you.

Track Twitter Activity: How to Check the Results

To track the results of Twitter activity, you can use the free and provides the basic or the paid option but provides more information and data.

What to Expect from Your Twitter Activity Results

The first thing you’ll want to look at are your Twitter Analytics. This is a feature which shows you important metrics concerning your performance. In Twitter Analytics, you are able to track twitter activity such as:

  • Tweet impressions
  • Profile visits
  • Number of tweets
  • Number of followers
  • Times mentioned
  • Number of tweets which links to you
  • Number of link clicks
  • Demographics
  • Engagement
  • A number of likes, retweets, as well as replies.

There is much information, and all of it can provide some insight into your performance and your audience as well. They are not all-important. However, the additional metrics are a good addition. It is the perfect place to begin tracking your Twitter activity as well as knowing how you are performing.

You can also make use of the Twitter social media tracking tool. In general, these tracking tools provide you similar metrics accessible in Twitter analytics. What is more, they have in-depth analytic choices and valuable features for boosting your performance.

Choose the Best Tool to Track Twitter Activity

There are many  tools available to track twitter activity out there, but ensure to find one which allows you to measure your activity with which of your competitors. It enables you to download immediate automatic reports which summarize your previous performance. Make sure to choose a tool which provides you tips on how to enhance your performance, without the complicated and complex work.