The key to maximize the benefits of social media is to pay attention to what your viewers, audience, or followers has to say about, your competitors as well as the market as a whole. If you have the data, you are able to take on analysis, and lastly, reach social business intelligence, utilize this insight to understand your clients better and at the same time enhance your marketing technique.

If you are a newbie in social media, the social media monitoring tool may come in hand. There are lots of social media monitoring tool available, and one of the most popular is the Trackur.

What is Trackur?

Trackur is a renowned social media monitoring tool intended to help you in monitoring what’s said about you online. This tool is able to look into hundreds of millions of web pages which include video, blogs, news, forums as well as video and allows you know if it discerns anything which matches the keyword which interests you.

Utilizing refined reputation monitoring online and filtering system, Trackur is a reputation protector. This tool does the heavy-lifting for scanning the website for any mention of your brand, products, and name.

Trackur instantly monitors the number of new results, voice share, velocity change, and any other. This state of the art social media monitoring tool offers you simple and straightforward Excel reporting or get result on the fly with email alerts and RSS/XML feeds.

trackurTrackur Features

This social media monitoring tool is integrated with remarkable features such as:

  • Influence and sentiment analysisaAdd custom feeds
    Unlimited saved searches
    Unlimited log in
    Group by profiles
    CrisisShied insurance
    What are the Perks?
    This tool provides many benefits, such as:
    Offers broad online review monitoring
    Comprehensive social media tracking tool at a very reasonable price
    Track mainstream news, twitter, blogs, Tumblr, Facebook, and many others
    Online reputation management advice
    Online reviews
    Monitoring tips
    Easy to use and easy to implement

Using social media monitoring, you are able to monitor not only the industry but also competitor announcements. You can also compile a list of bloggers, journalists as well as analysts which have the most influence in the business.
Trackur’s can quickly find out the blogger that has the biggest audience. This can also instantly determine who the Twitter user has the strongest influence. With this feature, you can modify your outreach to social media not only to the popular and biggest “name” journalists but to the one who can help you spread your message online.

Trackur’s can also show you the blogger that has the lowest amount of influence as well as traffic. Normally, that would be a website you would avoid– most especially for Press Release purposes. On the other hand, it can also signify that the website is new. It is yet to get any link requests, as it is under the radar of most search engine optimizations.

Conclusion on Trackur

In general, Trackur is a reliable social media monitoring tool available that is able to scan blogs, video, image, news as well as forums. This instantly notifies you once it tracks something about you.