Twitter Monitoring Tools

Twitter is one of the premier social media platforms behind instagram, facebook, whatsapp, tiktok, and snapchat.

Twitter monitoring tools take advantage of the breadth of discussion and help you filter out the noise to see tweets that are important to you.

This makes people around the world stay connected, and it gives people fun. It brings the hottest topics from politics to sports, entertainment, and other issues.

Having a twitter account is one way in marketing your services products, your business, and services, or even yourself.

It established an unlimited virtually exposure to every needed audience without paying higher costs like in the traditional campaigns of marketing.

While participating in twitter is good, yet it is challenging to manage your performance.

Have you wondered if you still reaching your target audience?

Or how people see your brand? Including, what does other audience says about your products?

Here is what you need to ensure you have targeted your audience and manage your performance, the twitter monitoring.

What are Twitter Monitoring Tools?

Twitter monitoring tools and monitoring in general is the practice of analyzing the topics that users care about.

Most twitter users conduct monitoring to know about what is happening on their account.

Twitter monitoring takes much different track and forms hashtags, keywords, and even user’s mention. Moreover, twitter monitoring use tools, and this is called twitter monitoring tools.

7 Twitter Monitoring Tools To Review Today


It is the dashboard program used in monitoring Twitter. Every time, it tells users about their keywords are being mentioned in other’s tweets.

Twazzup categorizes the results of the users through tagging clouds, contributors, users, and link popularity. It has unique features including the avatar mouse-overs. This feature gives more information about the relevant tweets of the user.

This is one of the reasons why Twazzup is a surprisingly valuable and powerful twitter monitoring tool.


This twitter monitoring tool is the one that looks upon the network of one’s Twitter account. It displays all the shared links of other users that you have followed with the same tweets.

This is why MicroPlaza also referred to as tiles. Moreover, MicroPlaza is a great tool that only looks on the public timelines as well as tweets. It does not look upon protected accounts or direct messages.


This twitter monitoring tool used in discovering, engaging, tracking, and analyzing Twitter conversations about the user’s topics, brands, and products.


It is a free tool that is used in evaluating the Twitter user’s activity. Twitalyzer also reports many useful measures with Twitter success.

On top of that, this powerful tool will help users to measure their velocity, generosity, popularity, and even their influence on their Twitter account.


A twitter monitoring tool that allows users to track any impact of their recommendations, opinions, and links across the social graph.

Klouts collects data on the created content of the user, what are the interaction of other users about their content, as well as the composition and size of their network.

That way, this tool analyzes different data in finding indicators of any influence. It also helps users in interpreting the data.


BackTweets is a Twitter monitoring tool that helps in searching particular links of the user on Twitter. This offers a search option that is advance to make a flexible searching experience.


Our own application, twilert, has proven to be a very useful Twitter monitoring tools. You can set up custom twitter alerts to monitor your company or brand name.

You’ll get an email digest so you can review alerts on the go.

We’ve set up a free trial so that anyone can use Twilert for free for one single daily alert. This means you can reap all of the benefits without paying a dime.

Try it out now to see if social media monitoring tools for twitter could help your business grow.