From hot news and entertainment to politics, sports, as well as daily activities and interests, when and where it happened in the world – they all happen first on Twitter. Getting a Trump Twitter Archive dump is a common request we see here. Donald John Trump is as divisive as they come, but there may be some value for us to review his tweet history.

Perhaps you wanted to remember the past presidential election in the US, reminisce on what the candidates said during the debate or see their most controversial tweets. We know that some of you want to explore the Twitter past of the most controversial person like Donald Trump. Prior to knowing Trump twitter archive, let us first give you an overview of the latest feature of this social media platform which is the Twitter archive.

trumps archived tweetsTwitter is one of the most sought after and the most popular social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. It has more than 500 millions of users from all over the world and almost 100 millions of active users. Twitter is not just about for fun but can also be used as a marketing tool. This is why it is very popular among companies worldwide.
The Twitter archive is one of the latest features offered by this social networking site to their members and users. The Twitter archive allows the user to see all the tweets from the time they joined this networking site. But, the question is, is it possible to see someone’s twitter archive. You can find the answer below.

Donald Trump Twitter Archive: One of the Most Followed Politicians on Twitter

As mentioned above, Twitter has lots of users from all over the world, ranging from ordinary individual and professionals to businesses owners and celebrities and even politician all over the world. But, one of the most followed politicians on Twitter is Donald Trump.

By visiting or downloading Trump twitter archive, you are able to see Trump’s previous tweets. You can also see all his tweets from the time he joined this social networking site. The tweets are broken down into many categories, such as the latest tweets with corresponding dates, time, and of course, his tweets. There is a list of Trump’s top twenty mentions. In his archive, you will see the word he usually uses as a hashtag. This is highlighted to help you find easily the tweet you are looking for.

Trump Twitter Archive
Is it possible to download the Trump Twitter Archive?

Yes, today it is now possible to download somebody’s twitter archive. This can be done by asking for the help of a third party tool. This third party tool can help you in archiving tweets of Twitter accounts. Some tools available out there can give thousands of recent tweets while some give a comprehensive twitter archive. So, all you have to do is to find a reliable one.

When asking for a Twitter archive, you need to ensure that you verify or confirm your email address as well as you are logged into your account on a similar browser you’re utilizing to download the archive. Troubleshooting, as well as for instructions tips for confirming the email address, might be available online. It may take a couple of days to download your Twitter archive.


Automatically Track Trump Twitter Archive entries as they arrive

Use the social media tracking tool Twilert to get new trump tweets sent to you via email. You can save the tweets in your email client, or the app saves it for future use. You can search the stored tweets by term and filter the trump twitter archive you build by date, time, or reply/retweet status. In the near future we are going to be providing more advanced twitter analytics in our tool so that our valued customer will get deep insights from their queries.


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