Trumps Latest Tweets

Thanks to the rise of social media platform such as Twitter, people from different parts of the country can have a clear idea of what’s happening in the world.

President Donald Trumps latest tweets show he recognizes social media’s importance.

Hence, he also created his own Twitter account as a way to connect with his people even before his appointment as the US President.

Trumps Latest Tweets

Trumps latest tweets are a good way to know what he’s doing and thinking. Also, they are a good source of controversy and conflict.

Recently, Trumps latest tweets have received different responses. We can’t deny the fact that in spite of how good or bad his post is, it is virtually a news story.

Last September 1, President Donald Trump tweeted that Alabama was among the states (aside from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia) that “will most likely to be hit (much) harder than anticipated” by the hurricane called Dorian.

However, there was an immediate response from the National Weather Service office in Birmingham by tweeting that the state “will not see any impacts from the Dorian.”

Hence, Alabama was never in a dangerous state. Clearly, Trump’s tweet is tearing NOAA apart.

Trumps latest tweetsThe New York Times reports that Wilbur Ross, the Secretary of Commerce threatened to sack some of the best employees of the weather forecasting agency that contradicted Trump.

However, a spokesperson for the Commerce Department responded to report of the New York Times and stated that the story is “false” and that Secretary Ross did not sack any staff of NOAA over public statements and forecasting with regard to the hurricane Dorian.

Trumps Latest Tweets about China

China was not able to escape the President’s fiery hands as he insisted in his latest tweet that China ‘badly’ wants a trade deal, adding that “thousands of companies are leaving because of the Tariffs.”

He also stressed that China hopes for a “democratic win so they could continue the great rip-off of America” aside from the theft of hundreds of billions of dollars.

The “Nothing to do with me” Tweet

On September 9, Trump made a buzz again over the Twitter when he penned a tweet in reply to current controversy surrounding the US Air Force – reportedly staying overnight at the President’s luxury golf resort Turnberry.

He dismissed any idea of the Air Force staying at his properties and even wrote that the plane and airport where the Air Force landed were not under his name. He ended his statement by tweeting, “Nothing to do with me.”

President Trump often uses his official Twitter account @RealDonalTrump rather than the @Potus. He has a social media manager at hand so his people can still get up to date with the newest happenings inside and across the country.

You can easily notice if he is tweeting personally because he adds his signature to his posts.

His tweets are considered a good source of information. He is tweeting more than ever in recent months.

We can expect more controversial tweets from President Trump that are sure to awaken our interests and spread horrible responses from some keyboard warriors.

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